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Why has god made you so beautiful?

5 answers · 2 days ago
all the time I placate my beloved when she is nearby, it warms me, when she goes away, the heart burns.. with which fire has god made her? so that she doesn't feel the heat of the hot moonlight, all night I spray dew over her, with how many pains has god made her...

Best answer: yes

What does this poem imply about LGBT?

14 answers · 2 weeks ago
It seems to be trying to say something about LGBT, but it's hard for me to interpret its critique: Queer + Annual glossaries split every spectrum of dusk, when Teutoburg Forest lived through it, on a forum entreating riddles of existence to a queen on standby for a D.C. lobbyist. My ... show more

Do offensive poems exists?

12 answers · 2 weeks ago
I'm a poet.I've written many poems praising nature and stuff. Now i wanna try something different. I want to write poems offending those who have been mean to me and mock and insult them in a poetic way and comical way. So i wonder if any poet has written such poems before?

Like a poem, I made one in 2015 and put that date on it. But I just finished one I started in December 2018, and it’s Jan 2019 now. Which date should I technically put on the poem, the day I started it or the day I finished it?

Best answer: Lol

S.O.S. As we struggle to journey on We find life to be many a song Wearing one hat for reality Another for insanity As we push ourselves to limits Trying to control our lives Feeling life's pressures Stabbed in the back with knifes We never realize How to sympathize With life's torturous agonies And... show more

What do you think about this poem?

3 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: It's great except I wish it was longer.

Life is like a maze labyrinth filled with truth lies and illusions and each one of us has the difficult task of navigating through it.

Is my poem ok? Should I start over?

9 answers · 3 weeks ago
Not worth an argument I'd rather say goodbye Your lips are so toxic They spew lie after lie. Can't take them anymore Trying to shake it off But it rocks me to my core And a tear slides out You had no idea you weren't Talking to just any girl You said hey beautiful not knowing I was her My... show more

What is Performance Poetry?

4 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Poetry written for public performance rather than for private reading, essentially it is "acting" in front of an audience.

I need to do a presentation on this poem, so if you guys can give me a run down on this poem I will really appreciate it