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Best answer: I'm a saint right now, and I always will be. Because I believe in Jesus, the Bible says I'm a saint. But I'm not a saint of "catholicism". Because catholicism is from the devil. . Every "pope" is a false prophet of satan. There is no "pope" in the Bible. Catholicism... show more

Best answer: You are, I hope, kidding but you have stumbled on one of the critical problems of water supply. Providing clean water is simple. Getting it to the people who need it is not.

Best answer: Society.

Best answer: Maybe, I like comedy.

Is rain water from the road dirty?

12 answers · 3 weeks ago
When you get splashed by it from a car

Paper bags?

14 answers · 3 weeks ago
I personally think it's wrong how it's hard to find plastic straws nowadays I mean some people need them and they don't have the choice like me personally I could end up losing my teeth if I don't use a straw.. I don't get how the plastic ends up in the sea anyway but maybe if plastic is such a... show more

Where can I sell myself?

12 answers · 3 weeks ago
I need the money because I have to pay my rent, Where are there places to do it?

Best answer: You live in ICEland and say it's cold? My weather is cold and damp right now.

Best answer: Modern conservatism is based on denial of reality, so good luck with that. That's why they fear refugees migrating to a new country in order to find work and a better life but ignore the rampant gun violence committed by Americans. More than 500,000 Americans killed by guns since 9/11, the vast majority of... show more

Increasing polar ice, decreasing polar ice, etc. We are told that literally any unusual climate phenomena is due to man-made climate change. Seems awfully convenient if you are a Climate Change Alarmist!

Best answer: now just how do you propose to get it down there All of the holes that are linked to the center have molten rock spewing iut of them and are called active volcanoes better odea would be to build rockets and send it all to the sun

Best answer: Perhaps you have never visited Lead, South Dakota? I visited in 1961, and again in 2008 (47 years) Homestakes Mine had removed a Mountain of gold ore, dug a very deep hole, and moved a highway South around the hole. I didn't recognize the location until I stopped and walked up to the fence around the ore... show more

Best answer: It isn't. More resources to go around and societal progress is a good thing. However, there are very few methods of depopulation that are pleasant. War, plague, famine, and other disasters that cause mass depopulation generally aren't well received. The best and most humane way of decreasing population is... show more