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What is natural selection?

7 answers · 21 hours ago
Best answer: Organisms that are well suited to their environment tend to survive and pass those traits to their offspring. Organisms that aren't suited tend to be eaten or killed. This naturally selects the characteristics of populations. For example, strong muscular lions will have an easier time bringing down prey.... show more

Nature dictates that animals reduce their breeding habits where resources are scarce but we've created a system where penniless people become professional welfare mums leading to overpopulation and the destruction of natural habitats.

Best answer: Religiously speaking sometimes it looks that way... but every time garbage will be recycled and used in a better way

Best answer: I don’t think littering will ever stop. Maybe we could help out if people actually got fined for it, as that rarely ever happens (where I live at least)

Like actually poop on you? For me, like 4 times. It pooped 2 times on my school uniform shirt and once on my school uniform skirt, and once on my shoes (not uniform thank god). Its happening way too often and i'm so annoyed. Is this normal?

Best answer: You do realize that using coal to heat your home causes less pollution then using electricity produced by gas fired turbines, right?

Best answer: Put them in the dresser drawer, nobody ever gets into a hotel dresser drawer, hardly any residences uses the hotel dresser drawer

What job matches this description?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
Interacting with people, making people smile, life sciences (biology, biochemistry, etc.), being on your feet, the outdoors, nature, and always learning. I know doctor might somewhat fit this, but I think it lacks nature, the outdoors, and moving around.

We found 14 rats in our house. We use traps to catch them. Our landlord brought glue traps to stop us asking him to close rats way to the house. I put my hamster cage on a table as i always do at nights. She has been never out of her cage. In the morning I found her cage broken on the ground and immediately I ran... show more

Best answer: Serious debate about climate change is like serious debate about the shape of the earth. The fact is that climate change is real, just like the fact is that the earth is round. No matter how loudly someone insists that the earth is flat, they're still wrong.

Best answer: Citronella is for mosquitos. Smoke is for bees. Smoke calms them down and makes them go to sleep. Why do you think beekeepers carry around a smoke container when they’re harvesting honey.

Best answer: Pollution is like a house that needs cleaning, except it's a lot bigger and more complicated, so that individuals cannot do the job, only scientists and experts. Climate change is a fact, but the issue remains whether it's rapidly approaching a crisis where the whole world will reach an emergency. ... show more