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How do I get days off from work ?

17 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 8 hours ago
So Im going to get a retail job soon is also going to be my 1st time job ever too Ik some jobs allow you to get the weekends off but not retail jobs. Is their anyway i can get the weekends off maybe even Fridays 3 days off ik you have to have a reason or something.

would i still need to pay for their mortgag if i got their house when they die?

I babysit a family with 4 kids of the ages of 2, 4, 6, and 9. They are really cute and sweet kids, but putting them to bed is a NIGHTMARE. The parent now want me to babysit 1-3 times a week! I am only 13 and feel super overwhelmed. I do a lot of extra curriculars and i think that babysitting the kids would be very... show more

Sublease: Splitting the Rent Form?

13 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 17 hours ago
I'm a college student who has secured a sublease housing for the summer at an apartment. The original leaser has a year long lease but won't be in the apartment over the summer and was looking for someone to offset the rent. The total rent is about $800 to the landlord but me and the leaser have made an... show more

At what age did/should you move out out of your parent's house?

12 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 15 hours ago

That money goes straight to his pocket and i dont want to give the money to him, i want to do it for the financial bank and get lower montly payment but they inssist and i need a damn car, what else can i do when my score its lower and i know those phaggots are lying to me my wife has a very good credit and they... show more

This is a 2 bedroom 2 bath for $249,000 at 1,100 Sq ft. The down payment would be $49,800. (That info i got from My fiancé and I make $17.50 an hour for a 40 hour work week (same job differebt departments) but its bumping up to $18 in April. Can work up to 60 hours a week if their is overtime and we... show more

If you're 20 and haven't had a job once what does that make you?

8 answers · Government & Non-Profit · 15 hours ago

We've found an old used granite piece, perfect size for laundry room countertop. Is it wise to use that old granite when remodeling the laundry room instead of new Formica top ?

Can the property owner kick me alone out?

12 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 1 day ago
I rent with a friend and his mother. His mother owns the trailer I live in, which I was paying rent to until I lost my job, and she stated that she is fine with me not paying rent as I help out in other ways. Her dad—my friends grandfather—however, owns the property the trailer is located on. He will not kick his... show more

Most seniority, most experience good attendance records lots of time stepping up doing extra. But never chosen for promotion and every time I speak up for myself I get the runaround. What the heck is wrong with me?

I have three credit cards I need to pay off, 500, 1300, and 3450. I have about 1000 dollars to put towards paying off some debt. would it be better to completely pay off the 500 one and then use the leftover sum for one of the others? or put all of it into the biggest debt? or put even amounts into all three?... show more

Is it legal to work 18 days in a row without a day off over two jobs?

16 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 3 days ago
My main job have rota d me on for a shift tomorrow that I never agreed to (I m on 0 hour contracts for both jobs). Because of this shift I am now due to work 18 days in a row over the two jobs. Am I within my right to say I won t work the shift or is this just wishful thinking?

What are the disadvantages of owning 2 credit cards?

11 answers · Credit · 6 hours ago
I've been employed for the last 3 months and have over $15,000 and was wondering if 1 or 2 credit cards would be a good idea. I have an excellent credit score with no defaults recorded on it, I always pay my bills on time, and I am wanting to consolidate all my debts into one credit card, so I don't have... show more

Best answer: A 'coop' needs to be cleaned. Indoor livestock is never looked at kindly by the owner of the structure - not from a sanitation view or a noise view. ONE chicken may be a pet, multiples, no absolutely not. Landlords can take a solid stance that livestock are not pets. Most cities have restrictions on... show more

She wasnt getting paid for her mat leave and she told the bank that but they didnt care. Can this happen? Is there anything that can be done? Why didnt they give her a grace period or something.

If one still can't find his career/profession by the age of 50, would should he do?

19 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 3 days ago
No it is not me. I just know someone who is it that situation. He has two masters degrees but he doesn't like the jobs after he got the degrees (too stressful, pay is below minimum wage).