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So my boyfriend jokingly put my phone in the microwave and started it but instantly turned it off. Well later I noticed when I turn on the Wi-Fi, it stays on "searching for networks" and will not connect to anything. I just wanted to see if anyone had a simular situation so I can confirm that it was in... show more

Hey guys! Gary here, and we are having thanksgiving at our house now. It’s going to be fun, but my nephews want to bring their DANGEROUS NERF TOYS. And my kids are not allowed near them. How can I say they can’t bring them to my sister and/or brother in law?

How long will a iPhone 8+ last?

13 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 2 days ago

How do I change my cell number?

7 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 12 hours ago

Are you charged to send messages (texts?) on Samsung mobiles?

7 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 1 day ago
I am so clueless when it comes to phones, honestly. I don't know how they work these days. I bought a Galaxy S9 a few months ago and only put $30 on it. Somehow, I'm still able to make calls.... Anyway, if I reply to messages/texts in the 'messages' box, does that cost me anything? Or is it more... show more

I am shooting my first wedding, what lenses?

8 answers · Cameras · 2 days ago
I am shooting my first wedding with a friend, it s just a small casual wedding, what lenses do y all reccomend me to have, and please if you can, tell what that lens would be good for! Please and thanks!

Best answer: democrats do not like America...if they did they would not be pushing legislation that would destroy Her...unless they are just that un informed.....which most likely IS the case..

What is the best problems in the digital world ?

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Why are Americans so angry?

11 answers · Polls & Surveys · 4 days ago
Best answer: It's because of attitudes like Suzie's (above) that Americans are so hostile towards each other. All the finger pointing, accusing, twisting things around to blame the other side for things one's own party is doing and saying. I can't even figure out who the "left" and "right"... show more

IPhone home button not working?

4 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 11 hours ago
I have an iPhone 6s Plus and just out of the blue the home button stopped working. The strangest part is that the Touch ID still works but when I click the button nothing happens I’ve tried taking it apart and cleaning the ports and restarting it but it still won’t work. Is there any way I can fix it

Does iphone 7 register the places he visits? If so, how to retrieve it?

3 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 12 hours ago

Is it ok to mount tvs on top of the fireplace?

11 answers · TVs · 4 days ago
We’re thinking about changing the setting of our living room and are deciding on whether or not we should mount the tv above the fireplace. We have never used the fireplace so I don’t really think it would be an issue but I could be wrong. What do you guys think? Also the tv is quite big maybe around a 65 inch or so.

Are all sim cards the same size ?

17 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 6 days ago

Headphones for total silence?

6 answers · Music & Music Players · 3 days ago
Hey! Do you know if there exist headphones which allow a total silence? In fact, I can t stand any noise when I m studying and I thought it would be an option. I ve bought headphones TUNE600BT which have active noise cancelling. However when I put on the active noise cancelling (without music), all I hear is... show more