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Best answer: I believe so. He has made it clear that he admires dictators and despots, hence his affection for Kim Jong-Un.

Is "my eyes are made of rice." a metaphor?

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Atheists does your book of pages say not to eat meat?

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instead you should eat babies

What is White privilege, and why is is a bad thing?

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I’m 25 years old, is it too late to go to school to be a doctor ?

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Is 22 too old to be going to university to pursue a bachelors degree?

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Admitting being a hypocrite makes you less hypocrite?

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Best answer: good point

Do you still use the word ain't?

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My definition of the word ain't is I am not. I am not going to do this I ain't going to do this. Instead of saying I am not I just say I ain't.

What should I say?

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Best answer: < I got > < Asking for a friend. > Yeah, right. Ask them if you were adopted.

Best way to get 15 college credits?? I have a ged and want to join the Marines.?

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Best answer: Some college sports programs are money-makers for the school -- mostly football and basketball. But the sports programs keep the alumni connected to the school and the alumni are a primary source of donated money for dorms, classroom buildings and scholarships.

Best answer: Depends if one player or more, such as a team For one player the apostrophe is here >> player's For multiple players >> players'

This student has never talked to anyone else about what they confided to me. It is nothing serious but do I still keep our talks private?

Is it illegal to have sex with my teacher?

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if I am 18