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What is your favorite video game you played as a kid?

10 answers · Video & Online Games · 24 hours ago
Mine is Prince of Persia on PS2

Best answer: I can't argue with that... The ability to go back to a previous save? Hell yes. God mode? Hell yes. Unlimited money? The ability to pass through walls and fly? What could possibly be bad about that? Well, I guess things could get pretty confusing if everyone could do that, it might make the system crash...

Do vaccines cause autism?

32 answers · Video & Online Games · 5 days ago

the tiny PORES of a POROUS packing PEAnut. LOL!!! (asking for my gram)

Are Ashkenazi Jews the most desirable racial variant?

6 answers · Video & Online Games · 1 day ago
Highest IQ, tiny percentage of the world population but punch well above their weight in banking, media, politics and science, have been persecuted throughout history but always come out on top, hot women and hot men.

What do I do when my roblox husband breaks up with me?

8 answers · Video & Online Games · 3 days ago

Should boy play with Barbie dolls?

28 answers · Toys · 7 days ago
Best answer: why not? if they can play with "action figures" they can play with Barbie.

I want to know to play chess?

9 answers · Board Games · 4 days ago

Skyrim or wow?

24 answers · Video & Online Games · 6 days ago
i have some money saved up so i can either buy skyrim: the elder scrolls v , or i can get world of warcraft and i have only enough money to get on or the other.

Do you play with barbies.?

7 answers · Toys · 3 days ago

Is using a walkthrough for a video game cheating?

25 answers · Video & Online Games · 1 week ago
Just curious. If theres a certain game that I really cant figure out how to beat, like the first Zelda or Metroid is it bad to use gamefaqs? Or just in general is it cheating to use a walkthrough? Classic games and yet they are challenging to figure out.

Is nudity/sexy clothing mods in a video game consider a sin?

8 answers · Other - Games & Recreation · 4 days ago
I play Fallout 4 and the player can add mods to the game I added some mods to my game. A few of the mods were clothing mods under the category: Sexy/Skim, Sexualised Content, and Nudity. So I was wondering are the clothing mods that I downloaded consider a sin? And does it matter?

How much better in graphics do you think PS5 will be compared to PS4?

10 answers · Video & Online Games · 5 days ago

Why are spoons so bendy?

5 answers · Hobbies & Crafts · 3 days ago
Best answer: Your spoon is obviously cheap in quality. NOT ALL spoons are "bendy"... Buy a stronger spoon. But, if your ice-cream is like a's best to wait until it has softened a little.

Has anyone had a ghost attack how do you get over them?

4 answers · Video & Online Games · 2 days ago

Ideas for turning my sons closet into a “prison” cell?

4 answers · Hobbies & Crafts · 2 days ago
My 8 year old son is absolutely obsessed with his grandfather who is a retired sheriff. Recently, we’ve given him a little uniform, badge and a pair of handcuffs. He’s been going around the house solving “crimes” and arresting the perpetrators. While my husband is at work, I will sometimes set up clues for him to... show more

When is Nintendo going to make a Zelda game for PS4?

5 answers · Video & Online Games · 3 days ago