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Best answer: There are culinary schools around, but it is best to see them more of a grad school without an undergraduate program available... even if you will graduate with an associates or a BA depending on the program. After you have had a few years being a line cook or sous chef and you are certain this is your field,... show more

Best answer: You could make one up but they may charge based on how many letters are in the name, they also charge extra for colors etc. They also charge less the more you if you enter an order for 1000 you would pay less for each one than if your order 50.. Your quote may not be exact. Plus they may have price... show more

EBay help!?

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Hey! I have 30 watchers on my auction but no bids. It ends in 3 hours... are people just watching it and not gonna actually bid or what?

Social Security? What amount?

Best answer: You need superior credit, a business plan with 3-5 years of pro forma financials, extensive experience in the industry, and loads of assets - in excess of $100,000, including extensive cash of your own. Even with SBA loans, banks need to be sure the business generates sufficient cashflow to make monthly payments... show more

Is a cinema a retail business?

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A couple of months ago I Enter in business with the Ltd Amway program and now I can't get out of it I've tried contacting the people that signed me up in the first place but now I can't get a hold of anyone. Each month they still take money out of my account. if anyone knows how to cancel a membership... show more

I am so broke and in desperate need of $200. any ideas on how I can make this by Saturday? I tried finding an event gig but can t seem to find anything.

Starting a business?

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My parents are wanting to start a business were they repair tires, can someone help me with how they would be able to start this? And what kind of qualifications are needed and legal things

If a carry-out restaurant or a boutique that does not have the software for their customers to be able to order and purchase from them online, in your opinion, what do you think would be a reasonable rate/pricing structure for such businesses. And since different businesses do a different amount of business, how... show more

Long story short I started a business, and unfortunately have kind of gone by the seat of my pants for irrelevant reasons concerning life. My question is I am now facing a neglected tax bill and I have done very little to actually track my expenses..... is there anything I can do short of hiring an accountant to... show more

Any business advice here?

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Best answer: There's a HUGE difference between focusing on cake decorating and running a business with cake decorating as only a small part of it. Stick with what you know. Most decorators work FOR a bakery shop or for a caterer.