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Yeah I thought that a deductible was like a discount, but then the shop told me I owe them the money. I already spent it all. They shouldn't have misled me like that.

I am 16 years old and want to start an overnight doggie daycare for this Summer at my home. I have gotten approval from my parents. What is the next step?

How is paypal still in business?

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Paypal is one of the worst companies ever.

My new manager does payroll Friday to Friday, but we are open 7 days a week as I said. I work weekends and I’m wondering how that would be put it my pay if it’s Friday to Friday. I was taught that if a place is open 7 days a week payroll ends Sunday... right? I just feel the new manager is trying to screw me over.... show more

Would open small food business with family. Would it be best. Why or why not?

against policy to give out this information. So how can I still find it out?

Tell me!

Fun day at work today?

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Best answer: heck yeah!

Best answer: Can be. But location location location. You need to do proper market analysis to find a location where there will be regular customers to use your laundry service. Near a large university, for example, where the students would have laundry needs but live in apartments or dorms that have no coin machines. ... show more

Best answer: The man had a history with the mall, and they chose to ignore him because they didn't want to be accused of being "racist." This is PC-Policing run amok.

Is this a good idea?

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Best answer: It is a good idea. But, you need a business plan first. Because only 50% of all new businesses manage to stay open past the first year. WHY? Because they are 'underfunded' and they do not have good marketing skills. If you do not have a friend or a lawyer to make you a business plan - or a friend who... show more

Best answer: 5 and 1/2 cents per word. 1,000 words = $55

Best answer: It means, if you ship the package before their specified cut off time, the receiver should receive the package by 12:00 PM the next day, or your money back.

My own restaurant?

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Hello I wanna open my own restaurant in New York City when I’m 21. A Mexican restaurant expired by my moms recipe. What do I have to have can I just get a business license. Isn’t it like a 10 month progress. Or something like that. I sound ridiculous I know but I have a dream I mean everything is possible you just... show more

New Business?

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So I’m in the process of starting a technology consultant business and I’m in need of paper forms. Registration, payroll, work orders, invoices, HR...the whole nine yards. My problem is that I am totally new to this and I wouldn’t know how to create these forms from scratch if my life depended on it. What are some... show more

I am planning to buy a jumpy house and renting it out for a couple hours to others. I hear you need insurance but I was wondering if I can just make a contract and the renter will sign to cover myself from liability from injury or damage to property, etc? Will this work as it is more cost effective.

Hello, I own a local quick-service restaurant in Arizona and had an employee come up to me several days ago asking for a raise. As our first employee, she's been here for about a year and has been a joy to work with; however, we hired her with an above minimum-wage pay as we were quite desperate for help at... show more