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Best answer: Yes, they could discipline or fire the employee. 1. Employment is at-will, which means they can fire you for any reason other than federally protected discrimination 2. In your example, its common to ban ALL outside food and drink from food service establishments because of the health risks. So they could fire... show more

So I drove someone From Long Beach to Riverside - it took one hour and my Lyft commission was $56. I put 63 miles on my car and the standard IRS mileage deduction is 58 cents per mile. So I made $19.46. I also waited for 45 minutes for that ride request. So for that two hours, I made less than $10 an hour. I... show more

Best answer: You may or may not need a business license. I doubt you need any kind of health department permit since you are not selling human food. There may be product label requirements that you need to be compliance with. If your city/state has a sales tax, you need to get that handled. I strongly recommend... show more

Good last name for a businessman?

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I just started a business from home.... is there anyway that I can ship out my product (hair care), without writing my address on the mail, when I shop it out?

Best answer: Your Lawyer will ask to look at their Accounts for the past 3 years to see if this business is profitable. NO ONE buys a business on the owners word alone. he could be going bankrupt. This is common here in the UK, I have bought several catering businesses and the accounts are always looked at. If the owners refuse... show more

I am an independently published author and I want to start selling my own books. Most book stores don’t except indie books. I would like to do international shopping. But when I ship the books out I want to ship gifts along with the books. What are some great things to add with the books when shipping? What are... show more

Is this a good business partner?

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Best answer: EVERYTHING should have been laid out on paper in the contract you two sign. Including where the money comes from, who supplies it, what percentage, how the profits are split, who does what work in the business, what happens if one person doesn't hold up their end, etc. Basically, talk to your lawyer BEFORE... show more

How to start a business?

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I've had an idea of a business that I want to start up, the current products I have in mind includes clothes and headphones but I need to think of these designs etc. I can do all online stuff like websites and promotions and selling but I'm currently at a loss as to where to find manufacturers for my... show more

I have to make about a 10 mile round trip to get to the nearest laundromat. For years I've been suggesting to the village board that we need a laundromat here in town. The mayor finally said. "There will NEVER be a laundromat here if I can help it." I wonder why they are so opposed to one.