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What is a group of ducks called?

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Who is this man ?

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Best answer: His impact on the world is immense and non-accidental. From the Dark Ages to Post-Modernity he is the Man who won't go away.

For a book. What would some annoying teenagers think of as a nickname for someone who’s just a bit serious and boring?

Best answer: CPA, Culinary Arts, IT,, Nurses Aid, EMT, fireman,...

Governor of California in 1947?

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it would save school money on textbooks fewer textbooks mean fewer trees cut down for paper fewer spine injuries for kids and teens and would make learning fun this is a survey for a science fair project plz answer yes if you would want your school to replace textbooks with I-pads/tablets (with specific... show more

Best answer: Just ditch it.

I need answers?

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I’m writing about cosmetics animal testing for an assignment for my English 10 class. It has to be in the form of a letter, but i’m not sure who to write to. Do I write to a specific company who still tests on animals? I’m not sure! Would really appreciate some ideas ASAP!

Best answer: The start of the 21st century and new millennium means nothing to you?

Best answer: in 1 hour sue doe 1/14 of the job bill does 1/17 together in 1 hour 1/14 + 1/17 use common denominator of 14 * 17 = 238 17/238 + 14/238 31/238 Therefor to do the whole job 238/31 7 21/31 hours 7.6774193548 hours 7 hours and (60*7.6774193548) minutes ~ 7 hours 40.6 minutes