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My Spanish teacher showed us a documentary about Mexicans illegally traveling across the border. In it, they said that the Mexican government has an entire program dedicated to helping them cross illegally. Why wouldn t they try to make the country a better place to live so people don t have to risk their lives and... show more

School and free time?

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My day is like this. I wake up at 6:30am and get on the bus at 7:30am. At 8am I get to school and 8:15 my school starts. And it usually ends at 2:50pm. My bus arrives at 4.05pm and Im home at 5pm. I go to gym at 6pm and finish at 8pm. Then I get home at 9pm have to do homework and sleep. Thats 3 wasted hours from... show more

My son is in advanced math for 8th grade (algebra). In every other year before 8th grade he never got below a 90 on his report cards or tests. He just got his first test back and it was a 35. Why are my sons grades dropping so much and how does he fix it? This isn’t happening in any other of his classes so I am... show more

when I was young the nuns did this and bullies were punished.

I failed Honors English, Honors Chemistry, AP Human Geography, Honors Geometry, and Journalism on the last semester of freshman year because I ditched class. Now I'm a sophomore. My parents know I failed those classes and over the summer, they paid for me to take online classes through BYU. The thing is, I... show more

Best answer: Absent an act of Congress authorizing a NEW draft, no one can be legally drafted into the US military. IF such a law were enacted, the terms have not yet been decided. As a general rule, a US citizen could be subject to a draft in the US, but a dual citizen residing in the other country of which they were a... show more

Best answer: tell the Head you will report him to the education department for not doing his Job

Best answer: The two houses were tuned to have as close to equal power as the founding fathers could figure out. Since there are 437 Representatives and 100 Senators, that means each individual Senator has more power than each individual Representative.

Best answer: Why would they need to be six at the end of they year? Why would you need a age maximum for each year?

I’m 16 with a car and a job. I have gone to school- where I currently live- for about 7 years. I’m a junior in high school and have one more year before I graduate. My mom got a job in a state 6 hours away. I refuse to leave with such good friends and short time in school left. I need help. What are my options???... show more

Question about dropping a class?

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Best answer: With your additional information, dropping the class is the best idea. It is a useless "over-credential" and will not help you in any way when applying for university admission.