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Michael Jackson has passed away, but his music will live on. How did his songs and life effect you?

Best answer: Jennifer Lopez

It's so crazy, she still looks the same age as when she was 18 and she is 29 now!!

Best answer: Many in my opinion but maybe your opinion is that thereโ€™s no one better looking. But in my opinion there are sooo many. Jonny depp? Chris hemsworth? Matt smith? David Tennant? Tom cruise?

Why would u want to be famous?

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Best answer: women who did not do their homework and had to rely on their look to make money. Same could be said for prostitutes

Is Leonardo DiCaprio an only child?

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Would she have a similar career path as Kristen Bell or Reese Witherspoon? Would she still be married to Simon Monjack?

Best answer: Not sure. He was the greatest entertainer/ artist of all time!!

Best answer: Racism and bigotry obviously

Do you like Michael Jackson?

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Who is your celebrity crush(es)?

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Why do some people love and worship him?

Does any celebrity know you exist?

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Are you friends