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I always thought he'd be around like forever. I'm so sad. I grew up watching spiderman tas. Share your thoughts about this huge artist,too clever to ever be forgotten

Best answer: I feel sad & he was cool. 😔 Rest In Peace, Stan Lee.

How likely is a president "The Rock"?

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Best answer: I am done with Republicans no matter how rational they appear. I am sure there were some fine Nazis too.

He's a mediocre singer and without George, Paul and Ringo I can't help but to think he'd be nothing

Is Stan Lee heavenly or hellish?

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Best answer: I don't think I want an *** that large on my furniture

Best answer: Yes, they were great friends who apparently never argued. When Hardy died, Laurel was so heartbroken he retired and refused all offers of work. He even wrote scripts for him and Hardy that were never used. Really so sad.

Is Chaka Khan related to Genghis?

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Steve Jobs?

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Best answer: Mona Simpson, sister of the late Apple co-founder, reveals details of the final moments Jobs spent with his family said he had just looked at all of his family then looked past them and said "Oh. Wow.Wow.Wow." He did see something. and by the sounds of the news story it was said with wonder, not fear! I... show more

Is Bebe Rexha attractive?

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so it's not like we can stop celebrities from voicing theirs. They can if they want to. BUT I understand why a lot of "regular people" hate the fact that athletes like Lebron James and music artists like Taylor Swift are discussing their views on our... show more

Best answer: There's no need for her. Trump will self-destruct soon.

Did Elvis Presley go to heaven?

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Do you like Cardi B?

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Why are the Kardashians famous?

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I personally find them both beautiful in their own ways