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Best answer: God loves Tom Brady. God loves everyone actually. But he he loves Tom Brady a different way. Kind of like how your dad loves your brother a different way than you, and gives him different attention. Like the time he bought your brother a Lexus when he got his drivers license but he got you a used Subaru. It’s... show more

Have you ever met any celebrities?

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Best answer: Everyone is going to have their own opinions, but not everyone can agree on all things such as beauty since they are so subjective.

Why did Aaliyah die at a young age?

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Ariana Grande drink problem?

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Best answer: probably due to her ex's Mac's death and her break up with Pete Some people who are dealing with some hard times use drinking to numb pain. But i don't think she is an alcoholic. She hasn't shown signs she's drunk alot of the time. Drinking is fine in moderation, and being drunk is fine time to... show more

Best answer: Katy Perry

Best answer: He's got a long career and hasn't stopped working since he began. He's probably best known for the TV series 24.

Best answer: Please don't put down cavemen by comparing them with Cardi B.

Best answer: They are after fame and fortune

Best answer: Selena Gomez

Hey everybody I was just listening to some Michael Jackson songs on my Michael Jackson CDs and I was also watching some of his music videos on my DVDs and I was wondering if we'll ever have another music artists as big as Michael Jackson and if anyone in music will be on his level. And my guess is, probably... show more

More scandals than Bill Clinton!

Best answer: Caitlyn is the father of Kylie & Kendall. She was the stepdad to Kim, Khloe, Kourtney & Rob when she was married to Kris as Bruce. They are divorced now. Robert Sr Kardashian who served as OJ’s attorney on his trial is Kim, Khloe, Kourtney & Rob’s dad. He passed away a while ago But i know you are trolling show more

Best answer: eventually Michael Jackson will be forgotten, maybe in 100 years or so many people wont even remember him, and by that time new celebrities will rise and take his place, eventually every king is dethroned.