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Best answer: You should believe everything people tell you. People do not lie. You owe me $5000. Pay me my money until next Monday. I am no liar. PS: Who is Angelina?

She was born in 1958 people. Either she’s a vampire or she sleeps in some purifying capsole. Lol. How does she do it?

People argue that Michael Jackson was a genius at what he did. Well, so were/are the other accused individuals, arent' they? I'm not saying that it's right to agree with child molesters or automatically believe that they are guilty / innocent, but aren't we a little unfairly biased when it comes... show more

Best answer: I don't know about James Dean but I understand that Brando was bi. He'd screw pretty much anything that moved.

Better face? Better body? Better music? Better singer? Better personality?

I've been falling in love with this celebrity, who has been dead before I was born, I loved him since I was 9 years old and until now, I'm 32 years old. I dreamed make love with him, own his autograph and hair lock. am I crazy? can love with celebrity could be true love?could he be my soul mate?did I live... show more

Best answer: I think it would be paul

Or do I just have too much time on my hands?

Best answer: A picture may confirm it "legs"

I make bank like Donald Trump?

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Best answer: He is HIV+, and seems to have overspent his earnings and faces a financial problem that is mostly cash flow and over-spending. He has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. He isn't broke like most Americans but is probably in a cash crunch. He claims he is down to $10 million in assets and unpaid... show more

Best answer: You are correct. That is why I'm not writing Music or a book or getting into politics. To Many autograph seekers and criminals track Down anyone with a well known name.

Best answer: Oh, thank the gods if there are any! Hope we don't see anymore of them. With any luck, no more of them! YAY!

He was on ufc,fear factor, comedy central amd now JRE...

Republicans and conservatives. If you defend Kavanaugh, but rallied against Bill Cosby, how do you justify that in your mind?