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How can i write off a $6000 home repair cost on my taxes?

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Can i add my teen girlfriend baby on my tax return?

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I fathered a baby and he has my last name. I m not on the birth certificate . She s on the run do to good reason. Her family are abusive in so many ways. Can my gf be tracked down if i add our son on my tax return?

I normally file my taxes every 2-3 years, but I was negligent and apparently pushed the papers to the side with everything I had going on with my health for the past 3-4 years, and havent filed since 2012. Normally I ll wait 2 or so years then send in 2 or 3 different ones at a time. I did not owe any money on my... show more

Am I eligible for a tax return? I m very confused about the W-4 form. I just started a new job and was confused. Please help!!

I have a question with PayPal?

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I've had a friend help me throughout the course of the Year. He sent the payment through family and friends not goods and services through PayPal what I've been reading I not going to have to pay taxes on that. I'm just making sure I'm correct it was a large amount throughout the year thanks for all... show more

How do I do taxes with only check stubs?

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I worked 4 months and I have check stubs only. I do not work at that place anymore. My YTD Net Pay is $1,520. How do I do taxes ? Where do I get the W2 form? Do I call my old workplace and ask them for it or...?

In the 6 months of my employment, my company has changed payroll providers twice. I understand the year to date earnings resets to zero each time. Will i still received my tax forms when its time to file?

Is there no TAX ID or SIN in other countries?

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Tax question: 1099 mileage deduction capable in MN?

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Best answer: Your commute to your job is not deductible. ETA: I understood you perfectly and the answer is the same. Commuting is NOT deductible. ETA: Yes, taking the long way to work is still commuting. :-)

I just heard an Optima Tax Relief commercial on the radio, painting the IRS as big relentless bullies out to take your bank accounts and business, garnish your paychecks, etc!!!

Dhss uk if i am not working why do i need to pay council tax?

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Best answer: If you did not file, you use the 2017 forms. If you did file, you need to file an amended return for 2017 on 1040X. The current 1040X covers 2017 back to 2014.

Can I include items that I paid for, for work on my taxes?

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I used to work as a technician with Dish Network. It was not the best experience. So, I was nearing my end of my notice and when I received my last check I was charged for missing tools and small parts (splitters, cables etc). I fought and fought with the company to receive my check which was for $1,400+ but only... show more

Best answer: WHERE is it? Getting into a closet is pointless if a nuclear bomb goes off in the greater Oklahoma City area. I hope I am in the best zone. At least I am lot further from Havana Cuba than I was during the Cuban. Missile Crisis and my mom was going on and on about Havana bring only 90 miles away, but BUT leaving... show more

Is this tax evasion?

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I'm a 17 year old currently living in the country of Georgia. I started betting on sports and I have made thousands of dollars off of it. If i decide to transfer that money from my betting account to my bitcoin wallet and then cash it out through a bitcoin ATM will the government/tax officials, will I get in... show more

I know that the business is subject to the tax laws of the country it is located in, but if I become the owner, as a US citizen, does that make the business subject to US taxes also? Or do I just have to pay taxes on what ever profit or income I draw from the business?