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Best answer: I don't think Trump fans are bright enough to put those situations together, even though you've explained it to them.

Best answer: Look up 'wash sale'. The IRS would treat you SCHEME as if you never sold the investments at all. You would have to use the ORIGINAL purchase price to calculate taxes when you LEGITIMATELY sold the investment.

Best answer: No. You don't use check stubs. You will be mailed a W-2 from your employer(s). Those are what you use to file and you send in the appropriate copies.

Pension lump sum amount?

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Best answer: Typically, the trustee withholds 20% ($7,000) so you will probably received a check for about $28,000. However, this 20% does not normally cover the entire tax bill on a early distribution. The final percentage will depend upon your total income for the year so there is no way to know the entire percentage but it... show more

Why do I need to pay taxes?

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Best answer: (1) Taxes also pay for the public transit that you are presumably using instead of roads. (2) The vast majority of your income tax pays for the military. You are using the security they provide. The other major tax you pay is to Social Security, which is basically a savings account that you will collect from... show more

My business has not generated revenue yet, as im still setting it up. Can I have tax deductions, even if I have not made any money?

Help with tax auditing please?

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i did my income tax with this guy that claimed he was an expert later i find out he is 2016 was the first year he did it and now im being audited by the irs my question and concern is should i worry or should i do anything for 2017 and 2018 he also filed those years for me thanks

Tax question... please help!’n?

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So I filed my taxes back in April and never heard back from the IRS. I even called the IRS directly and they said they would look into it. They were supposed to respond within 30 days but never did. Then as I was in the process of moving I was shuffling through paperwork and discovered that back in June I received... show more

Best answer: very well in deed

Why does my boss want a W4 form?

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So he fired me and i do not work there anymore. Its a small restaurant. I haven't received my payroll check yet. My boss refused to pay me my check. Its only 2 weeks. He has never paid me anything. He says that I have to give him a w4 form first then he will pay me. Why does he need that? I have worked at other... show more

Can I file for taxes on January 2019?

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And get a tax return on March 2019

Do I need to file taxes?

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I work three jobs, one full-time with a company where they take out for SS Tax, medical, and Federal Income. I also work two part-time jobs at about 6 hours each a week. These, however, are jobs not with a company instead they are like a nanny/ moms helper, type of jobs. I’m wondering because together those two... show more

Is income tax high in Delaware?

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Best answer:

What happens to your taxes when you are part of an LLC?

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So a tax question for the yahoo community! I own a small family business and I intend on adding my brother and mother into the LLC. What happens to their taxes exactly? What will it be treated like? My brother is still a student and my mother also works elsewhere a full time job. Assuming our business had a... show more