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Please don’t mind my grammar ! Recently I decided to get a hair correction. It costs $330 and I won’t mind paying it, but my boyfriend says that they’re overcharged . He never met someone that pay $330 for the hair. You know I never spend money on anything but foods. It is my money and I work hard for it . Why... show more

What do you think about this shoe, is it ugly or nice?

13 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 13 hours ago

Is it weird for a 13 year old to go into Victoria's Secret?

18 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 1 day ago
So I basically want to go into Victoria's Secret because I want to get a new bra, panties, and a PINK perfume. I am a little nervous walking into there because I know it is a store for "Adults" but is it still okay if I go in there. I look like I am 16 but I really am 13. Will people look at me weird?

Best answer: They can't deliver under your bridge.

Generally, why are White women considered more beautiful than Black women?

54 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 5 days ago
Not just in White majority countries. Even in Black majority countries, lighter skin is considered more beautiful. Why is this the case? Is it related to "evolution"?

My friend has upper lip hair, should I tell her?

11 answers · Hair · 9 hours ago

Should i cut my hair off?

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Can a man wear a skirt ??

17 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 days ago
Best answer: yes they can

Do you prefer matte, shimmer, or glitter eyeshadows?

12 answers · Makeup · 13 hours ago
Best answer: Mostly matte with only a little shimmer. NEVER glitter.

Can I wear this at a wedding?

27 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 3 days ago
Best answer: Sure. Strap on some heels and go.

Can I wash my hair every day?

19 answers · Hair · 3 days ago
Best answer: If your hair feels gross then wash it. If you need to wash your hair every day then that's okay. I do the same, some times I leave it unwashed on the weekend if I'm not going out any where special. In the summer I had to wash my hair all most every day, I sweat a lot in my job (and I don't have air... show more

Can’t tell if my hoodie smells bad?

8 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 9 hours ago
Best answer: Don't wear it

How long does it take to grow a beard?

10 answers · Hair · 1 day ago
Best answer: It depends on a lot of factors. Genetics being one of the most important. Some people can grow a full beard in a couple of weeks, some can take around a year. Also depends if you can even grow one and your age. A lot of men I know weren't able to grow a beard until after their early 20s.

Would you ever get a face tattoo?

27 answers · Tattoos · 5 days ago
Best answer: No. Maybe one behind my ear or my lower neck.

How can I improve my overall look (please no rude comments)?

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