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I see people do this all the time when I take the bus. Sometimes the bus fills up and they still won't move over and you have to ask them to let you take the window seat. Instead of just scooting over they just move their legs so you can get the window seat. I think this is selfish and rude. Whenever I take the... show more

My boyfriend and I were together for a few months now and I'm celebrating Christmas with him and his family this year. However I'm not sure If i should get his family anything. I'm getting him a present for sure. I've met his family on a couple occassions and we get along well. but idk. and I dont... show more

or is it really offensive?

Best answer: Yes. I report racism regularly. Usually it takes multiple reports for something to be removed, so don't be discouraged if your report doesn't seem to removing something. Just realize you are probably part of a group effort.

Best answer: i dont think so, and nnaybe you should tell her you dont want to hear it and if she keeps it up walk out of the roonn, she nnight get the nnessage

like for example, you are at a wedding and a guest asks you "what do you do?".... then you answer your job such as I'm a lawyer or a doctor..... then ask again "what hospital?"... and then say "oh I never heard that company/hospital/etc"..... isn't that considered rude?

Best answer: It's called a double standard.

I have four roommates in total, who rent rooms off from me. I had a new guy move in last month who has some sort of vascular condition that causes him to feel cold constantly. He wears heavy layers of clothes, but still tends to really crank the heat up any time he has a chance, which makes the place... show more

I'm a manager/server at a restaurant. Today is my only day off. The boss was at the restaurant, and yelled at one of the employees. The employee contacted me, and told me she wanted to quit because of the way he was treating her. He can be a real hot head sometimes, and yells at the employees. The boss... show more

I ran into someone I know and they asked me how I could afford my gym membership and bus pass. I personally think it's rude to ask people such invasive questions as it's not any of their business. Next time it happens I will tell him that it's none of his business.

Its only fair because of all the welfare and food stamps the black people are getting from the government

Should we feed animals or no?

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Best answer: A lot of men are triggered by women with brains who seek power, and for thirty years they have been making unsubstantiated charges against Mrs. Clinton without ever proving a thing, but still they insist they are right. They have been doing this so long they have forgotten they made it all up in the first place.

I know it's common courtesy to be accepting of other cultures that are different than yours and it can be considered discrimination if you don't accept them. In work discrimination will lead to termination. At my work, I have this co-worker that is so rude and very bossy and the manager just say it's... show more

Did I do the right or wrong thing?

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I FEEL REALLY BAD : A guy tonight walked up to my mom's car , which I was seated in as a passenger. He asked me for a few dollars so that he could get food. But something about his story sounded sketchy. So I denied giving him anything . After I said "No.Sorry." He just stood there for a moment with... show more

Best answer: Yes go for it and have a Merry Christmas.