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With the exception of Subway (where you can get any sub anytime of day), how come most restaurants do not serve lunch/dinner items before 11AM? Or don't pizza places open at 8 AM and serve regular pizza slices (not breakfast pizza)? They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet in America, why... show more

Best answer: Given the impact this is having on your day to day life, be open to seeking out one person who are comfortable with and with whom you have something in common. Consider joining a local community group where you can meet people your own age or take up a hobby/activity, where you can meet like-minded people. You... show more

DO you think this is stealing?

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A friend got a $5000 settlement check but couldn't cash it at Walmart as it was rejected for some reason. So he asked me to do it for him at a check cashing place that charges 3 percent so he gave me $150 fee. Before I went there, I thought why not try to cash at the bank listed on the check and sure enough... show more

My sister has been really mean to my girlfriend over the course of our relationship. She has made me uninvite my girlfriend to things so I can bring her. She also deleted my girlfriend off of facebook then re-added her. My girlfriend is someone everyone normally loves and is very generous and kind. My family never... show more

And number As a next of kin? Then say after I wake up they cant take me home? I must have someone to pick me up.. or they wont do procedure.. I have noone and dont know what to do I Have no money either

Best answer: why, because you imagined that she would sadly walk out to the mailbox..hoping against hope that someone would acknowledge her existence with a card? and instead she didn't care to check at all--but went away and had herself a darn good time without you? lol...guess your fantasies didn't pan out....

Am I a f##king idiot or just normal?

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At my local tesco express I got a meal deal and paid with £10 and the lady gave me back £12 obviously thinkingthe tenner was a fiver, I went back and swapped the notes. I dunno why done I done it, would you have done it? It is my local tesco express.

Best answer: It's in her drawer which isn't out in the open. The closed drawer is an expectation of privacy. You are indeed a snoop.

Best answer: That is something for you and your sweetie to decide for yourselves. Some couples would be fine with this. Others would feel that even marriage is no excuse for that sort of over-intimacy.

I saw him do it once. And logically assume it was the kid doing it every other time. But about once a week I find something new dumped in my starred out with a Walmart bag containing a glue mouse trap with a dead mouse 🐁 stuck on it. And since then it has been the kids preferable place to dump their dinner... show more

Best answer: yes, very rude, and noone is ugly cause god dont nnake junk

"I'm not gonna answer your question".

Could I have a male companion?

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Best answer: Nope. Illegal.

My company just had a bunch of trash receptacles delivered. So since my female co-worker was walking in the area of the ladies restroom, I politely asked her to put the trash can [which I handed to her] in there. However, I didn’t ask if she was on her way there, as I didn’t want to sound like a perv. Therefore,... show more

Suppose this scenario unfolds: Mike: John, a few of us from the office are going out for drinks after work. You wanna come? John: No. Joe: ... but why? John: I don't want to. Would John be considered rude in this scenario?

If you are an insecure yahoo troll looking to tell off strangers online because you suck as a person, go elsewhere. This is a real question. When do we let things go and when is it OK to tell people how we feel? These offenses could be mild in one sense i.e. not running over our dog on purpose yet still jar us.

Is my boyfriend a liberal racist??

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We live in a community where it's primarily Haitian/West Indian, Guyanese residents and every time my boyfriend hears them speak in their native language, he keeps saying "I don't like hearing them talk like that." I can say "They probably don't like listening to you talk in English"... show more

How to get over being robbed?

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Best answer: Most people would feel angry and violated and annoyed - but there isn't anything you can do about it. Look at it this way - it was just $40 dollars worth of stuff, not your wallet or your child or your car.