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My mom, live-in boyfriend and I attended a wedding together. She gave the bride a card with a $100 check, which of course she included boyfriend’s name on. Since my mom and I don’t live together, i figured it was kosher to bring my own gift. So I, too, gave the bride a card with $100. But only my mom got a... show more

Best answer: Yes, its rude. And depending on who you ask, could land you a punch on the nose !

Best answer: Be careful because she might report you for sexual harrasment which could lead to your dismissal.

Best answer: Yes, and today we are lucky to have any loyal family members, mostly everyone is out for themselves.

I understand that line is to prevent the check recipient from adjusting the amount on the check. But what if the check is for someone near and dear to your heart who would never steal from you?

Do I have a right to be angry?

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A guy asked me out for dinner today at 7. I got all dressed up and ready. But then at 4 he texted me saying "sorry i'm hungover can we push it off to another time". I haven't responded. I'm really mad

I met him at a part few weeks ago, and we chatted briefly. Now, we also met randomly twice at school and he tried to talk with me both times. He also remembered my name, but did not remember my friends' names nor did he try to talk with them although we all sat at the same table. He has not asked for my... show more

If the car park is basically full but there are several ‘disabled’ parks free. Is it ok to park in just one if there are still free parks. Is it more ok if it’s raining as those disabled types can’t go out in the rain?

My neighbor saw me outside and walked onto my driveway at the very front of my house to talk. He took a cigarette and said that this is his only vice and proceeded to smoke. He never asked me if I minded. He knows that I don't smoke and that nobody in my household smokes. Would you have said anything to him... show more

Best answer: Your boyfriend is both paranoid AND a whacko! He's certainly not "normal". Doesn't he realize that a waiter or waitress (regardless of their "size") in a busy restaurant doesn't have the time or the inclination to be eating something off a customer's plate? They're too busy... show more

Best answer: What if they're not mad? Far more likely! What if they didn't even notice? Nobody needs to be a prisoner to Facebook or ANY kind of social media. If people need to contact you desperately urgently they can pick up their phones and CALL you.

Can Someone Help Me...? :)?

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I'm applying for a reality TV dating show to find my perfect match. Which of these strategies is the best for my video? There are no guidelines, just a couple suggested questions but it said to "be creative"? 1. Dramatic approach...I'll talk about my abuse as a kid, I have pics of me all beaten... show more

Hi we work in the medical field. I don't want to reveal her position or say too much but I will say it involves working with patients and needlea. Anyway we always have potlucks at work and my co-worker mentioned how good her spaghetti is so naturally we wanted to try it. Well the time is coming for another... show more

I moved into an apt & for the 1st two months here, a neighbor repeatedly took my reserved space despite hers always being empty. She woke several neighbors up at 8 am on a Sat. blasting loud music from her car while she was upstairs in her apt. She has left trash outside her apt. door and got angry with me when... show more

Best answer: He doesn't need to be lectured. If he has a working brain, he already knows about whatever you're going to say. If it bothers you, just make sure to politely say that you're not interested. Nobody wants to have to raise a partner. Don't get personally invested in the situation, or waste too much... show more

Best answer: Be disappointed, but don't let it ruin your day. Doing so, would give your father power over you.

I'm not much of a social person at all and this person knows. They just asked how I've been and I didn't know how to respond so I thought I'd give it a little bit to come up with a response but that's turned into 4 days now and I still don't know what to say. This isn't a violation and... show more

I was taking my medication in the line for this concert and the black bouncer thought I was taking drugs which is understandable but when I showed him my box for my medication he still didn't believe mr and refused me entry to the concert after arguing back and forth with him I did call him a short **** sambo... show more