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Borrowed baking dish?

22 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Deliberately keeping something that does not belong to you and when you have not received the authority of the owner to do so. If this situation was reversed, how would you feel if someone purposely kept an item you had loaned them? Would you consider this unreasonable and inappropriate?

My manager is always so sweet and genuine and kind and her birthday is coming up on this saturday. I looked online and saw how much I'm getting. We get paid this Friday and I will be getting 950 so I was going to give her about 700 of it with a note telling her she is a great manager. Is this okay?

Best answer: Yes, tell them. These people are being taken advantage of by their own child. You should bring the subject up in a conversational manner though. Say something along the lines of, "you recently saw them , and their little granddaughter says she likes her new school. And her parents seem to be very satisfied... show more

Is Being Openly Lesbian Ok?

15 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: The only thing wrong about being a lesbian is wearing a “straight” mask. If you don’t have a mask people see the real you. They’re more excepting but it comes at a price, when they judge your actual self rather than the mask it can hurt more. You’ve just got to know the fact that they actually came to your ladies... show more

Was my housemate rude?

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it was my birthday. She greeted me, but she didn't give me a gift or take me out. All she did was made cheese quesadillas. I said, "Is that all you're doing to celebrate my birthday?" She said, "You know what? If I didn't like you, I would have just left you here and went out."

Best answer: If it helps, this has nothing to do with your job. When people ask how we are, it's kind of a throwaway question. They really don't care how you are, but they think it's awkward to just say "Hello". It isn't, but they think this. They might even think it's rude to just say... show more

Or would it not phase you at all , and you'd just carry on about your day?

Best answer: You know what you should do? Stop looking through other people's belongings and mind your own business.

I've been invited to a Halloween party at the weekend - but the invite says specifically "no sexy or suggestive costumes". Isn't this what Halloween is about?. Also I feel this may be specifically directed to me, as I often have very "creative costumes" that show me off quite well.... show more

Impolite Note?

11 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: She probably just wrote it out quickly and leaped out for work or where ever she was going. It sounds like the chicken was for you if you were hungry. If that's the case, then I think she doesn't have to say please or thank you because its not a favor for her, it was for you. I don't know your setup... show more

Annoying habits of cashiers?

19 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: she just liked your book

Best answer: Some people believe that the devaluation of grammar is cheapening the language. When you consider how the AP Stylebook has delegitimized journalism in this country you start to get an idea of why educated people find these things so offensive. "Wanna" isn't a word.

Should People Respect Opinion?

12 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: In the ideal world, we would each accept and respect the opinions of others, in particular when they differ from our own or totally disagree with our own moral or ethical ethos. However, some people like to be combative and challenge those who hold a different outlook then themselves, some people will always... show more

So I work on the sales floor and I noticed that my phone recieved a text. So I go and check it and my boyfriend broke up with me. I couldn't help but be very sad and couldn't stop myself form crying. Some customers noticed me crying so they would avoid asking me for any help. Can I get into trouble for this?

On my first day of a job, my employer introduced me to people. There was one who said, "You look really familiar. Are you in most wanted?" I didn't say anything or laugh. Then when my employer noticed I didn't say anything, she said, "Yeah, she has that familiar face." Then when we... show more

last Friday I had an after school detention, it last for 1 hour 15 minutes,i had to write a 4 page essay on the importance of doing homework it says on the detention slip that our parents have to sign that no pupil will be freed before 4,45pm on Friday morning the headmaster said there was going to be a staff... show more