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Ebay seller.. package never came?

5 answers · 20 hours ago
I bought my son's outfit from a seller on Ebay on the April 15th.. It said it was guaranteed to be delivered on April 19 by USPS. It was for Easter. Anyway, I contacted the seller to let them know that the tracking is not updated at all and I never got the item. It just says tracking number provided on... show more

Best answer: If you are selling it on ebay, you need to specify the exact cost (or auction amount) and it will include the cost of shipping. If you are selling it on offer up, craigslist, FB marketplace, etc = ONLY sell it to people who are local and pick up the item in person.

Best answer: Unlikely, unless you become a cult leader

My Mom is in her early 40s and I worry about taking care of my sisters if something happens. We don't have any living grandparents, and no aunts or uncles. My Mom has, maybe, $3,000 in assets.

I have all the pieces in a ziplock bag and planning on taping them back together. Could I still send it in and get a new one back if I ripped it up intentionally?

Best answer: Yes, Company B can do this. Yes, you can refuse. Your refusal will most likely result in your firing. As an alternative, consider working in the new(old) role for a few months while the restructuring shakes out and then approach your boss, point out how you've "taken one for the team" and ask about... show more

How much does money cost?

10 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: Tuppence ~

I have an LLC but I want to know if I can put 2 businesses under 1 DBA since they will be sharing a location. For example put Pizza Treatza Street Sub on the DBA. One business would be Pizza Treatza and the other Street Sub. Or would I need a DBA for each one?

Best answer: Yeah... & so will he. It's illegal & will mess his taxes up big time. It's call tax fraud.

boss have to prove to the servers of all the tips they received from the customers who used a credit card or what?

For example a sausage biscuit is $1 , add an egg and it jumps to $3.59, that’s $2.59 for one egg, price gouging maybe?

After a few days my account states "CHARGEBACK DEPOSITED ITEM RETN UNPAID-P DEPOSITED ITEM RETN UNPAID - P" what does this mean?

Best answer: Not unless you really mean to leave. Many employers would just wish you well, and you'll be out of a job. You can't just then take it back.

Best answer: Look in your spam folder. If it isn't there, then call them again. If you have deleted your spam folder since they first sent it, then just ask them to resend it because it may have gone to your spam folder and you deleted that before you realized that it could have been there.

Question about USPS?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
Will a letter get sent if you put more stamps on it than it needs?