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I know that the idea leaves a bad taste in many people's mouths, and most politicians dare not propose it. But if we try the novel idea of being honest about the situation, here's what we know: When social security went into effect, a large percentage of the population didnt live to be 65. And of those who... show more

What time is it?

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Best answer: It's time to visit the Wizard of Oz scarecrow

I have been in Germany for about a month now. We are going home in March to visit for 20 days. I absolutely hate all the crib sizes here (none convert into toddler beds). I haven't found any cheap furniture I want either. Almost everything I would want is from Wal-Mart, Target, and the "American"... show more

For instance, if someone finishes their degree at age 27-28, is that too late to compete for entry-level positions?

I’m 17 and have been saving up for a pc for nearly 5 months. I have a job so it’s not an allowance or anything along those lines. the problem is, I don’t have a debit card because I don’t know how to set one/my parents haven’t taken me to get one yet. Whenever i make online purchases I use their credit card and... show more

My firm has 6,500 employees who are paid the same day every month. In a few months the new company are going to move the pay date to every four weeks. so every paydate each month is a few days earlier so is constantly moving backwards making direct debits a nightmare and in my case my average goes from 1800 / 1700... show more

So I work in a fast food place. Sometimes customers don’t like their food and ask for refunds on it, or sometimes we make a mistake and have to remake food for a customer. The managers at my job also get free meals. So i’m wondering, when we make food that gain no money who ends up paying for it? Does the company... show more

I won an online auction and have to arrange my own shipping. I was told to send my invoice to UPS and then UPS gave me that quote. I'm afraid now to know what additional import charges might come once the package arrives in Australia. I will add that the items I won did cost around $3000AUD. But that... show more

Best answer: Clausewitz said - I THINK it was Clausewitz; or maybe it was Sun Tzǝ: "Business is just war by another name." And in any war, truth is the first casualty (everyone knows that!) ... and therefore, so it is in business too. Cheers! +++++

Best answer: Liberals claim we need to exploit illegal labor so we can have affordable produce. But only a tiny percentage of illegals are working in agriculture. Liberals generally don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

Best answer: I'm so sorry for your loss. That must be incredibly difficult for you. In terms of packing, ask whatever adult is caring for you to take you to the post office and help you secure these statues in bubble wrap. Then you can just mail them from there. Good luck with your new life in Florida and I hope everything... show more

Restaurant bill?

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Hello if a bill is 96.62. There are 3 friends. Does it make sense to put in 40 dollars?, that would come up to 120 but with the last twenty dollar bill will get change and give 5-10 as tip.

Best answer: I'd rather hire someone who has good technical skills and fits in with the company culture. If I can't find someone who fits both, it can be much harder to get someone to fit in with culture than to upskill someone who is technically lacking. I work for a company that has a culture that is very different... show more

I m studying accounting and I don t understand this