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What is perihelion?

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I see that word a lot around here..

Best answer: Repent is metanoia in Greek. It always means to change your mind. A person can change their mind about unbelief, and believe in Jesus. That is the repentance that saves. A person could change their mind about sin and turn from it. But that is not part of salvation. They should for other reasons, obviously. ... show more

'What's up bud?'

What does the word Tithe mean?

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What is LITTERALLY the opposite of "a needle in a haystack"? Like a reverse would be of "a needle in a haystack". An example would be "a needlestack in a _______ ". Or something along those lines, the question is... What would fill up the blank?

Best answer: It's grammatically clumsy, and ambiguous. What you're saying is that most 18-year-olds, all around the world, are high school students in Japan! Some of them must have very long bus rides! Consider: In Japan, most people aged 18 are high school students. Most people aged 18 in Japan are high school... show more

I know the copycat means by doing and impostor means by appearance. Am I right?

Synonym for "more important than"?

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Is badonkadonkdonk a real word?

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Best answer: Badonkadonk is a real word, badonkadonkdonk is not.

Best answer: Those are more-or-less interchangeable. Right is, perhaps, slightly more emphatic.

Best answer: It means the writer can't use proper English grammar. The sentence should be written: Pictures are sent to me all the time. People send pictures to me all the time. I receive pictures all the time. I get pictures sent to me all the time.

Best answer: An Immigrant, per the USCIS, has followed our rules regarding immigration and granted some level of immigrant status. Before that, a person is either a "RESIDENT ALIEN" or "ILLEGAL ALIEN" and the insinuation of some impoliteness is just deceptive. It is NOT rude, mean, impolite to state that a... show more

A. Adding more sugar to the porridge didn't seem to be a good idea. B. Adding more sugar to the porridge didn't seem a good idea. Thanks!

Best answer: No. Try: "A number of civilisations (independently) invented paper". But you could use: "There were a number of civilisations which invented paper" Just the addition of that one word makes the sentence "correct", but I still think that most native speakers would use the shorter... show more

Best answer: In this case I would simply say it was rude. Audacious and temerity both imply a degree of courage, even if misplaced. Unless your host is likely to beat you up for your rudeness, there is no need to describe your behaviour as 'temerity'.