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Yes, I know they are the same thing, but I want to know whether the Japanese or the Americans came up with it first.

Best answer: Imagine the supersex...

What is Cato's superpower?

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Is Batman a liberal anti-gun nut?

17 answers · 4 days ago

Best answer: Well, there's the fact thta WW2 was a real war and Superman is a fictional character. If you mean why did stories in the comic books published during the war show more stories of Superman winning the war, one has to consider that that might have been seen as being disrespectful to the real fighting men who... show more

Do you watch the TV show Gotham?

8 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Yes, and it's great. I thought Chris Nolan's trilogy was good, but the acting in Gotham is amazing.

Best answer: Tom Holland by FAR!

Batman or superman? And why?

9 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Batman. Cause he's way more interesting and isn't invincible which means he has to be clever about how he takes his enemies down.

Best answer: The Justice League would DOMINATE the Avengers. If not for Scarlet Witch, Superman ALONE could kill every Avenger to appear in the MCU. And not break a sweat. Likewise, Wonder Woman. Flash would kill all those that lack super-durability. The problem is sheer power level. Superman is portrayed in the comics as... show more

Hulk vs Martian Manhunter?

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Best answer: MM wins with ease. All of these DC vs Marvel fight hypotheticals need to remember that the core DC heroes are written to be MASSIVELY overpowered compared to the Marvel heroes. Superman lifts PLANETS. Flash moves at LIGHTSPEED. The sheer scale of their abilities is bonkers. And all the top level DC heroes are... show more

Best answer: Yes. If I could I would kill off half of the human population on Earth. We overpopulated the planet a long time ago and we destroy it more and more every day, making life worse for all other forms of life.

So I like to write and draw comics and the like, and I am really big into manga and anime. As with anything, sometimes they leave you unsatisfied, or you just have your own ideas on what could have made it better. I eventually want to get to a point where I can publish it (nothing fancy, just on a sharing platform... show more

Best answer: What's Up Doc