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The Simpsons jokes about the bad things in the world and makes it possible for us to laugh at these things, but there's one joke like this on The Simpsons that i don't get. Mr Burns said to Smithers 'to the nuclear plant. We'll take the Spruce Moose. Hop in' (the SM being his model of a plane... show more

If trumps america were a star trek species who would they be?

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Best answer: Most of the species are suppoese to be highly intelligent. So I'd have to go with a character for Trump himself, which would be Harry Mudd!

Do you think any person who was offered to act in a tv series and get paid 10,000 dollars an episode. Would anyone do it.

Politics. Who is your favorite Fake News Media Station?

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Cnn or Fox?

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Best answer: Fox has been culled, terminated, withdrawn etc here in Europe, though after watching it, and once or twice in total disbelief i should add, i can understand exactly why, CNN easily is superior, at least it's actually a proper news channel ....though tbh i only watch the news when i want to hear about... show more

This isn’t a cartoon, and it’s for adults/teens. The “huhhhh” is low pithed and quite long for a huh. I don’t have any more info, but it’s a reference that I keep asking what it is but NADA. No one will tell me 😂. It’s NOT home improvements, although that was close. PLEASE help. There is aparantly a YouTube clip of... show more

Seinfeld or Friends?

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Best answer: Seinfeld a million times..

Black mirror is messing with my anxiety?

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I watched a couple episodes but playtest just made it worse. I literally just paused it and now i am trying to relax. Why?

Best answer: He continued to act for a long while, and was also singer. In 1999, he took a break from acting, and now he is back after almost 20 years, He just finished doing a movie.

Best answer: yes we do i have been watch the show since i was 7

Best answer: yeah

Why do all of my shows come on at thursday this year?

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Supernatural, the good place the orville, star trek discovery...all the shows I watch..usually in a not all on thursday....what gives

Favorite 1980s sitcom?

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Best answer: The BBC worships Political Correctness. Every writer wants their character to be gay until the program has far more gay characters than actually exist in real life. Same with ethnic minorities, 1 in 8 people in Britain is from an ethnic minority but to watch the BBC it would seem that 30-40% of Brits are in an... show more

Best answer: Suzy takes some beating Susanna Reid 💓 on the other channel especially that camper van video she is a bit too tightly wrapped there though I would take her into Tatton Park and loosen her up

Is this done on purpose by the TV station? Why? Or is it a residual effect of TV cameras or cell phone videos?