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Best answer: An apple

Best answer: New Mexico

Do you know who this lady is?

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Best answer: Jessica Marie Alba, born April 28, 1981 is an American actress and businesswoman.

What is biggest sword ever forged?

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Illegal gambling?

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Best answer: Gambling that is not regulated is often rigged. There are measures in place w/ legal gambling to check that it is fair & even they sometimes get caught cheating customers. It is also easy for them to collect income taxes on legal gambling- it is income and you have to pay taxes on it. Either kind is just... show more

Who gave Africa its name?

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For every woman there is a man in front of her teaching her

Best answer: If you choose and believe you can be

Best answer: 8/10. Very nicely done, and extra points for not posting anonymously.

Best answer: Officially, the United States, Russia, China, UK, France, India and Pakistan. And Kazakhstan inherited a number of weapons from the breakup of the USSR, but they have done no original development. Unofficially, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and Iran. North Korea claims to have them, but we still... show more

Best answer: her father is Haitian, her mother is Japanese. that's why. on Wikipedia, Kaepernick is of mixed raced heritage. so he may have MORE than two races in him.

I ask this in a lot of places, but get a wide range of answers. There are some people who say that all five of the branches have it. Some tell me it's the marines and navy only. One guy said just the coast guard. Others say all but the navy. One said just the air force. What about all these answers all over... show more

Can a cow hops?

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Best answer: Go to japan, China , thailand etc