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Best answer: Why are we here? Why does anything exist? Does anything exist? Where did it come from?

What is the meaning of life?

26 answers · 5 days ago the universe and whatever lies beyond?

What has value in life?

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Best answer: It means you're a misanthrope, welcome to the club. Cheers.

Best answer: Elisabeth Kolbert has been active in arguably a true foundation of Philosophy, Camille Paglia another^ The decline of the Animal world today, which obviously includes humans. This foundation is showing why & how its crumbling, crumbling faster today. As if philosophy ever was of importance in our culture - I... show more

What's the meaning of life?

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I know that everyone is here for a purpose, but what is it? Everything seems to be going bad in the world, and I don't get why we are even here in the first place is bad stuff is just going to happen. What are we made to do in our lives? Someone please help me.

James McClean has had abusive packages sent to him at Stoke's training ground over his refusal to wear a poppy, says club manager Gary Rowett. The 29-year-old Republic of Ireland international was the subject of abuse from home and away fans during last weekend's home draw with Middlesbrough. And he has... show more

Best answer: **** off

Best answer: It means that knowledge didn't apply to you. Not everything we learn can be applied in our own life. I think no knowledge is wasted. It opens up your mind, broadens your visions, can help others out. Also, its very nice if you can share knowledge with others.. even if you don't apply it, you still know... show more

Something good happens, then something bad happens? Vice verse and so on.

Best answer: It is to glorify the one who created us; the same purpose as a flower.

Who was the rival of Confucius?

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Best answer: Lao Tzu?

Philosophically or mathematically logic seems strong. But is it infallible? When you play a shooting video game is it more important to have good aim and good techniques rather than think logically? You would think logic doesn’t work well there. Even thereotically conceptulizing about events doesn’t work logically... show more

Best answer: Stalin, who killed his own people throughout the 1930's, including the Ukrainian wheat famine of 1932-1933, the decimation of the Russian Army, etc. Why do you think it took the Soviets six months to defeat Finland in the Russo-Finnish War of 1939-1940? The Russian Army was virtually destroyed. Bad as Hitler... show more