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Best answer: EGO is a main issue with a lot of human kind.

I always get depressed reading news stories about someone getting shot, raped, or arrested for some heinous crime or drug dealing, stealing , car jacking, armed robbery, child rape, etc. but for some reason I cannot help but click on the latest local news stories, but I cant stand to watch the actual news reports... show more

Do you believe in fortune telling?

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Best answer: No, of course not...if it were true, every fortune teller would know next week's lottery numbers and would be multi-millionaires!

Best answer: If the conquest of the USA had happened as shown in the show, the Liberty Bell would be in a museum in Berlin and the Statue of Liberty would probably have been demolished as soon as the Germans occupied New York - it would have made an outstanding propaganda newsreel.

Best answer: Due to human nature, people would create pain and suffering, even in a perfect place. The fable of Adam and Eve is about that. If you put humans anywhere perfect, they soon mess it up and cause conflict.

Does change objectively exist?

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I always wondered what is so interesting about these games, they are soo boring, but I think it has to do something with peer pressure and self image mostly? true or not? (these are "real men" hobbies? right ? like chainsawing down trees, working on cars, etc?)

Best answer: Im going to let you in on a little secret... Come on here… Come closer… Now listen to me very carefully… Make sure you take notes… You are as happy as you choose to be. That’s it. That’s the secret. Only you decide how happy you want to be. It doesn’t matter what the external factors in your life are, you do not... show more

Best answer: Kant's conception of true religion included the cultivation of inner moral awareness (the "still small voice" and the Categorical Imperative) and an awareness of soul as potentially immortal Being in God. Kant noted, correctly, that Judaism as practiced up through the 18th century was not emphasizing... show more

There's no greater purpose yet in the process of survival & procreation a lot of really, really bad stuff happens. What's the point? suffering is that internal sense telling you "hey this is inherently bad this shouldn't be happening"... but it's part of life, like the Buddha said... show more

Does being kind to people get misconstrued more now a days than before? It feels like doing gestures of good faith or without expecting/wanting anything in return is questioned and misconstrued into other intentions. It feels like that more now than it did before. Although before we we younger and maybe more... show more

I am completely against cruelty to animals. But I don't think animals are equal to humans.