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. Christianity? Islam? Holocaust? Moon Landing? Mars Landing? etc?

Best answer: The sexual acts portrayed in temple carvings are thought to be symbolic of the secret teachings of various schools of Hinduism. It is physic forces that are portrayed as physical unions between male and female.

Best answer: Many people do not even know that three buildings went down that day, all in perfect freefall cause by expert demolition. Building seven was not hit and although there was a fire on one side, there was no reason for it to collapse except under demolition. The government had cleared out all the offices on the lower... show more

Best answer: The first issue with the moon landings is the problem with the Van Allan radiation belts. NASA is now investigating how they can get people and electronics safely through them but Apollo must have done that several times. Did they forget what they did? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51DED8dcNkA OK, there were... show more

Best answer: Mainly. There certainly was a minority of "people of colour", probably working mostly as merchants. The idea that they had to have been slaves is a false assumption. Athens for example granted foreigners the semi-citizenry status of 'metic'. While the majority of slaves in the Roman Empire were... show more

I remember last year at my high school some alumni came back for a luncheon. I sat and ate with them, and some of them were war veterans. I asked them if they used flamethrowers on people, and without any hesitation they said yes. Is it just me or is that inhumane? I feel so bad for the people who had to die that... show more

Was Gambling Illegal?

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Best answer: bookmaking was probably illegal. The gambling may or may not have been illegal, depending on where he was, but even if it was legal, that wouldn't necessarily mean that there would be any place nearby where he could make his bets. It's akin to drinking. It's legal to purchase alcohol and even to... show more

Best answer: That was NEVER his plan. QUITE the OPPOSITE. After all the Master race would need more citizens that are born in the country of GERMANY. Though, the woman HAD TO BE NORMAL, NOT HANDICAPPED. This is written in HISTORY BOOKS..."MANY BOOKS". So you got to go against a lot of historians written right from... show more

What is an American?

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They own guns and etc etc etc...

Best answer: Rose DeWitt BukaterKate (Winslet, Gloria Stuart) Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio)

Obviously, both bothers them but I'm wondering what bothers them more. On one hand, they don't like Trump because of who Trump is and his policies, but would they have been just as mad if a Republican who wasn't Trump won instead? The first female president thing was really important to many people,... show more

Best answer: Part true and part false. The Mexican War was fought from April 1846 to February 1848. Mexico lost and ceded territory to the US.

So I don't want to hear about republicans or democrats or any other party. But what I am interested in is this. The people who started the KKK, who were the confederates. Were they liberals or conservatives? So far I have found that conservative users claim they were liberals and liberal users claim they... show more

he was just a Hollywood actor, both of them? how Nasa found these guys to participate in their mass moon landing deception?