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Best answer:   .   There are regulations, rulrpes or laws per country or state, common is the owner of the camera who has the rights, but whomever clicked the button may be the owner of the image taken,   Yes, the persons in photograph could have rights to images in that sense, the camera or film/ data, may have rights, the... show more

heavy or light

Can I become a self taught real estate photographer?

6 answers · Photography · 5 days ago
Right now I’m taking classes for a photography program at a community college. I don’t know much about photography at all, but all I know is these classes aren’t teaching me anything I need to know and it’s a complete waste of time and money. Is it possible that I can become a self taught photographer for real... show more

Why can't I sell my drawing on ebay, does no one want to buy it?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 5 days ago

Are burning crosses necessarily bad or racist?

4 answers · Photography · 5 days ago
Best answer: Didn't go down well when Madonna had them in her video, Like a Prayer. She claims she didn't intend blasphemy, or racism, but that is what the Church thought it was. At best it is it remarkably insensitive. There is a difference between the tongue of flame and the cross symbol of the the United Methodist... show more

Best answer: if you can find a meaningful background...yes its a very good idea and I like your creativity...But people are stupid and only vote for the most cliche pictures ever. I don't know why...go maybe take that cliche picture setting and then do your thing over it..unless there is a historical part of town?

Best answer: These days it is safer: be smart. Let people know who is is and where you will be. Good idea: take a picture of him and his car, the place, and send these to your family or a friend. You can even tell him "If anything happens to me, my friend will send these pictures to the police". It would be awkward to... show more

What do u think of Picassos work?

5 answers · Painting · 7 days ago
I know his stuff before cubism was good.

Am I talented to have been able to draw this free hand?

6 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 1 week ago
I know it's an arragont question, but my family has told me my entire life that I'm a good drawer. I'm thinking of pursuing some kind of career in it, but I'm not sure if I'm as good as my family says I am. Thanks

Best answer: Film and Electronic. Digital was just beginning to appear in the late 1990's Analog Video cameras were around from the late 50's

I'm not great with computers but I want to be able to do things with my photos, like touch them up a bit color-wise (like make my make-up look better), or get rid of unwanted objects. For example, the photo below: I want to get rid of the red truck and have it be just me and the owl. Are there good programs... show more

Which is more accurate the camera or the mirror?

7 answers · Photography · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: You can take a thousand shots with a digital camera to capture that one moment at the perfect angle when your facial expression was just right to make you look your best. Then you can tweak color, lighting, contrast etc using a photo editor to create an image that is a best case scenario for how you look. The... show more

How do you deal with people who can't take criticism?

7 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 2 weeks ago
I'm in charge of a large project and got a lot of applicants, so I obviously had to reject some. A few asked if I could provide feedback/critique and I was perfectly fine with it, so I did. Most people were fine with it and thanked me but then came... the two. The two are two people who seemed so nice while... show more

What do you think of this photo?

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Can I redraw an emoji on illustrator myself and use it on a product?

10 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 2 weeks ago
Would I be able to avoid copyright issues if I draw Apple's pink sparkling heart emoji from scratch on adobe illustrator and use that on a product? The color, and shading will be different

Why are the photos on my Nikon D70 so noisy?

9 answers · Photography · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Reviewing your flickr page (thanks for the link), I see what you mean. There is noticeable noise especially in areas of little to no detail such a blue sky. You're shooting at ISO 200, which is the lowest ISO setting for your camera. By today's standards, ISO 200 is a rather high base ISO with every DSLR... show more

Is graffiti art? Why or why not?

12 answers · Other - Visual Arts · 3 weeks ago

Should selfie qualify as part of photography as art?

17 answers · Photography · 3 weeks ago