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Best answer: Yep. My couch's are too soft to sit up for any length of time.

Best answer: Hint: Yahoo Answers is NOT a bad fan fiction posting site.

What are Cardboard Characters?

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Best answer: Never heard of it. The above definition should suffice.

The character s first name will be "Jack". I need a last name that goes well with Jack - no jokes. I ve tried thinking of a few last names, but came up with nothing. The character is decently tall. About 5 11, loves playing video games, sometimes shy and loves roleplaying. Any ideas?

Best answer: Voices of the people you love. Birds. I'm about 3/4 of the way deaf and sometimes on a good day I can still hear birds.

Best answer: More like a surreal motorway service station that you can’t leave.

I want to make a huge bear suit?

5 answers · 3 weeks ago
The other day on YT I saw this video: https://youtu.be/unRxj479wI4 And now I want to make a suit for one of my own characters, cover it in fur and probably make some lightweight armor for it (he s an armored bear) cause it d be such a cool costume. Now there are multiple problems with that. For one I have no... show more

How can I grow up?

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How do I improve my talking skills?

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Best answer: Take a class, read a lot, practice. Remember to choose words not just pour them out. Also, listening is a lost art.

Best answer: Betty and Beth are both diminutives of Elizabeth, which is derived from the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning "Oath of God". Emmanuel means "God with us" in Hebrew. Basil is from a Greek word meaning "Royal". Bill is a diminutive of William, which means "Resolute protector" Bradford... show more