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I Put a small down payment on my car for 1200, so my car payments are 320 a month. If I give them extra money when my car payments are due will it lower my monthly total?

I just bought a car yesterday with a roadworthy, I have an issue with the break calipers, disc rotor and a coolant leak, and I'm going to get a mechanic to check over everything thats a roadworthy issue, who should pay the bill? Should the dealership pay it? I looked up reviews and this dealership sells cars... show more

Should I buy a Tesla?

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Should I buy a Tesla? I am not rich and the payment will stress me, but I really want to buy one. I work really hard. Should I buy what I want or just pass on it?

So I am 23, graduated college this year. I have a great and stable job in another state. I pay all of my bills, except the insurance on the my dad's car that I drive temporarily. I have 8,000 in cash that I want to buy a car with. Leaning towards a 2010 Ford Escape. My dad want's me to borrow 10,000 and use... show more

I'm 23 years old, graduated from college, and living in another state, and I have the cash to buy an $8,000 car. I pay all of my bills (except for the insurance for my dads car that I'm driving temporarily). My dad thinks I'm making a huge mistake by wanting to buy the car outright and not getting a... show more

I am thinking about traded in my truck which is worth $37,000 for a vehicle that s less expensive. I have several thousand dollars of negative equity but how much negative equity can a rollover into this expensive vehicle?

I have a 4 year lease on my car with about 2.5 years left on the lease. I am interested in turning the vehicle in early to the dealership. I am a bit hesitant to go through lease trade sites or finding a person to take over my lease. I am looking for some advice from people who have gotten out of their auto lease... show more

How do I buy a car?

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Complete novice please help lmao

Best answer: After you have the vehicle inspected by a 3rd party dealer or trusted shop, you can decide for yourself whether it is a good or bad deal. No one on Yahoo can see this vehicle and tell you if it is worth it or not.

Can I buy a French car in America?

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Best answer: A used one, yes. A new one, no

Flooded car with clean title?

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I was sold flooded vehicle with clean title and clean Carfax. The vehicle has lots and lots of evidence of water damage inside and out, and it is toxic and is impossible to drive without getting sick. Where do I call to get the car inspected, so I will have written notice that the car has water damage.

off in the credit yet, I need a car ASAP, I need about a 25000$ loan, my income is around 2700$ a month, i pay all my payments on time, no late payments, do i even have a slight chance of getting approved? i plan on putting 4000$ down on the loan. Note this is a used car i plan on getting.

Best first cars for a huge car fan?

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Best answer: Having a car and no money, no job I go with anything cheap and let the future take care of itself but you do need one big enough for you and your girl friend in the back seat at the drive in theather......….

If not than which car brand is best to get used car from ?

Where can I get a new old car?

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