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Best answer: Car loan payments are paid in arrears, which means you are paying for the past month. When you trade, the dealer will call your bank and ask for the current balance, which might include an unpaid monthly payment. This is the amount that the dealer will pay the bank to "buy" your vehicle. Now, if that... show more

Best answer: If it starts, runs and stops, makes no nasty noise and has no water in the oil, you're good to go. The big ticket items are the motor and transmission. If the coolant is straight water, there's a good chance it has blown a head gasket and the owner just topped it up with water. Look for water in the oil... show more

Can you buy a car without credit?

6 answers · 2 days ago
For example, say you had 14,000 and the car you wanted was 16,000, could you get a loan for the rest without credit if you put that much down for the 16,000$ car?

Car loan not approved?

11 answers · 5 days ago
My car loan wasn't approved by any banks and the dealership wants to basically change my contract, could I just return the car instead? It would make sense since no one is financing it so I wouldn't be making payments and I do not want to change the original contract and honestly don'twant the car... show more

Best answer: You need a Massachusetts lawyer. They don't come free on Yahoo Answers.

Can someone run a carfax for me?

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I’m 19 years old and I haven’t established any credit yet. I’m currently a manager and make about 400/weekly, but I was trying to get an idea of what the likely interest rate would be for me on a used car. Looking for a Toyota between 5-8k. I live in ga if states effect that at all

My car is making a rumbling or grinding noise. I was already planning to trade it in this month. I’m guessing it could be $300 or more to fix though I’m not too sure what the issue even is. Is it even worth getting it fixed or am I allowed to trade in a faulty car for a lessened trade value?

Thinking of buying a 7 year old Mercedes SLK but the car only has 4 services across 32,000 miles (or 7 years). This is probably because the previous owners (3) read the manual which says “the car needs servicing every 10,000 miles or every year, which ever is sooner”. What do you think? The car seems in very good... show more

Best answer: No car that old is going to be reliable by modern car standards. Even when new, they weren't reliable like modern cars. If you only plan to "play" with it on weekends, you might find something that will suffice. But whatever you think you want to buy, get a mechanic to look it over first so that... show more

1. 2010 Chevy HHR 150,000 miles, automatic. 2. 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser 100,000 miles, automatic

Best answer: That's about 152,000 miles. Probably much less than $1,500.

I want to lease a compact car like a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla. I never leased before. How many months do dealers usually require for proof of income in California?

Okay. So about a year ago I bought my car through some sort of fast finance thing. Which put my upside down on the loan right away because high interest rate and owing more on the car than what it is worth. Anyway just a few months ago I refinanced the car but I still owe more than what the car is worth. but it... show more