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I got 60mpg in my Honda Civic recently for 100 miles by coasting downhill and increasing air in tires by 5psi. How do you do it??

Best answer: maybe doc him a star (if everything else was good) and if you can leave a comment, point out it smelled like cigarettes.

From NY to CA if your car gets 50mpg and you sleep in your car?

Just wondering if you guys think it’s worth it to drive 30 minutes away everyday for up to 30 hours a week?

Best answer: You can drive it, but part will be interstate and part will be the old Route 66. The original no longer exists in that form.

I am in Los Angeles, California. I'm wondering when is the earliest I can get into the right turning lane? How many feet can I drive in the right turning lane? Can someone also provide for me the traffic code where I may find this information?

I found a product that works (phantom plate) after a previous one that didn't. That was in May and figured with car washes and rain and just eventually wears out. I've been taking advantage of toll roads to work and back and going to downtown on weekends. I haven't got a citation for using the tolls... show more

Best answer: You would need a very very wide car to do this. Do you mean drive in the sides of 2 adjacent lanes and be a roadhog?

Best answer: Car & Driver tested your theory with a Golf GTI, a Camaro and a Ferrari against a Dodge Charger Police Interceptor: the cop won every time, even against the Ferrari because most people cannot drive that good for long enough to evade police with their powerful cars, radios and helicopter backup.

Best answer: I'd go with whatever the norm for taxis is your area is. (USA- sit in the back. Australia/New Zealand- sit in the front, unless asked not to.)

Best answer: Your comments to other answers answer suggest that you actually meant to ask 'What towns outside London are within an hour's commuting time by rail of the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital near Stanmore ?' Is that right? If the main constraints are: - the RNOH is not within convenient walking... show more

I have a DMV appointment to get my ID, but I know it s going to take a week or so to get the real one. I ve been told they ll give me a sort of temporary one to use. Will that ID be enough to get on a greyhound? I also have my learners permit with a photo on it that I could bring for backup.

Annoying neighbours car!!?

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Best answer: If it's an old Honda Civic, call the police. If it's a Subaru, just appreciate the sound.

Whats the best and safest route i know its gonna take about 16 hours and i want to avoid driving at night in bad weather conditions trying to be cautious avoiding times its snowing will be driving with a Mercedes Benz CLA 250 any tips will be appreciated

Best answer: Before the time of additional security checks. Many did commute city to city by Air. In my area at rush hour additional flights were added as necessary More of a flying bus than a taxi. It was very popular.