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Best answer: Unless it is recommended for your particular model, you just waste money buying premium. I remember a (UK) motoring programme did a test for this. A 1.5 Renualt Clio, was actually worse on premium fuel, A Golf GTi was 50-50, no more power but better mpg compensated for the fuel cost, and A Subaru STi ran much... show more

I have a Lexus es330 that shakes really bad after 50 mph and only while I hit the gas, I ve had the tires rotated and balanced, and I replaced a bent rim, still to no avail, help 😥

I drive a 04 TL, my engine light came on one day I got it scanned and the code P0420 was shown for catalytic converter. However before getting it scanned I wanted to make sure my my gas cap was tightened and when I tightened the gas cap the CEL went off after driving some miles. Now bouta month later it came back... show more

Did this cause extra wear within the tire? I know I was negligent and am just looking for a detailed answer, not criticism.

I just replaced the ignition switch in my 2003 honda accord from another used 03 accord. The replacement switch obviously came with it's key. However my mechanic apparently lost the key to the replacement switch and now I'm in a rut. Not sure what to do. What are my options?

Best answer: They're used in conditions of poor visibility, not just fog. Can be fog, heavy rain, falling snow, whatever. They don't cause dazzle if properly fitted, because they're low and aimed low specifically to illuminate close to the car, as you've seen, and also don't create backscatter problems for... show more

What is 36mm in inches?

8 answers · 8 hours ago
Using a tape measure what is it in inches. I have a bolt and a wrench I have to buy but the wrench says its 36mm. How would that be read in an tape measure

Are there any other products that have core charges? I understand that auto parts companies want your old part so they can refurbish it to sell it. It doesn’t seem fair to charge extra money if you don’t bring them your old part.

Why is cold starting a car bad?

15 answers · 19 hours ago
Im well aware you let a car warm up before driving but whats the long term effects of cold starting?

Car trouble?

7 answers · 9 hours ago
My Ford E250 blinkers, brake lights, and dash lights won t work. Come to find out the thing to connect a trailer is melted/burned. How can this be fixed?

It is reccomended at 7,500 miles.

Why wont my car start?

7 answers · 14 hours ago
My car didnt want to start yesterday. Its a 2007 ford fusion 4 cylinder. I turned the key to start it and it just makes one click and the sound comes from the dashboard i believe. I hooked up my battery to a trickle charger last night. I reconnected the battery today amd i get the same click. I checked the fuses... show more

I brought my car to a major tire shop for X-Cross Tire rotations and wheel Alignment. They told me that they are not able to do cross rotations. I like to have my tires rotated corseted because right front tire always wean out faster since the car was new. The dealer told me the wheel moves first but I do not... show more

Best answer: You can go to any reputable shop. For brakes, Jiffy Lube IS NOT a reputable shop.

Does my car just need oil?

34 answers · 6 days ago
so i was driving on the highway and i noticed at one point it felt like i stop gaining speed even though i was already going 60 i also noticed the rpm needle was basically not moving and stayed at 3000 or 3 rpms even when i would give it a little gas and suddenly the car started smoking i pulled over immediately... show more

Why does a suv handle so bad?

10 answers · 2 days ago
My dad has a mazda tribute and it handles horrible. My 2004 toyota corolla handles alot better. Do all suv handle this bad?