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Do potential employers look up your Facebook? When would they do that?

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I stood up to a colleague at work and now they're giving me the silent treatment?

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She blanks me on the stairs if I see her or corridor and I'm the only one she doesn't talk to in the office. She won't say good morning back to me or bye when I leave in the evening, like she used to do. Basically, she tried to project seniority over me, but I wouldn't have it. It has been like... show more

Do many people get to keep their seasonal jobs?

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I want to apply for my first job. I’m 18. And I was thinking, if I apply for a seasonal job do you think they’ll keep me around if I work really hard?

I HATE MY JOB, Should I Quit and Become Homeless?

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I don't know what to do. I have no quality of life. I'm overworked and overstressed at my job, however, the pay is great. I only get 2 days off a week. I worked past midnight tonight and slept in until noon today. At noon I woke up, had a muffin, and fell back asleep. I didn't wake up again until 20... show more

What is a job where you can just make money from working online?

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Please real answers/advice/suggestions. It does not have to give major income, any income at all is fine.

How much do data entry jobs pay per hour?

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Does tie color really make an impact on how someone is viewed in an interview?

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Best answer: probably.

Should I look for a new job when work is becoming sparse?

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Best answer: Short answer: The employer is not obligated to work around your class schedule, but they cannot stop you from going to school. Long answer: If the employer is not allowing you to say leave by 5pm 2 days a week so you can make it to class, or is not allowing you to have certain days off so you can go to class,... show more

Do plumbers make good money?

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Best answer: wealthiest guy i know is a plumber

Getting a driver license in taxes?

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hello, I will be moving to taxes in couple months from now. and currently i live in Kentucky. my driving record in here is not the best with about 4 tickets in past 3 years. i was wondering when i move to Texas and i get a new license from there, will the driving record still show. since i found a really good job... show more

Nurses are overworked and underpaid?

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Would my employer let me sleep in the break room?

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So as you can see from my last post im homeless. I currently sleeping on my grandparents couch but im starting to feel guilty. They are struggling financially. I also dont help with any chores or anything. My grandma insists on doing everything herself. I just started at walmart. I was thinking should i sleep in... show more

Best answer: Considering that nobody is perfect and they don’t know everything, you can still be successful at your job

Best answer: Not strange at all. It's an entry level job, and they'll train you in what you're supposed to do.. Congratulations on being hired though, they must have liked you.

I want to work?

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Is it embarrassing to work fast-food in your 30s?

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I decided to go back to college at 33 yrs. old and my old job would not work with my schedule, so I'm in the market for a new one. My college is in a small town and without a degree, the only work options are retail, restaurants, and fast food. I've saturated the market with applications but no places are... show more