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How do I prove to my friends that I have a job?

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Best answer: If your friends think you can "just walk up in there and start making food'. then I'm not sure anything you do or say will convince them. They sound like idiots.

I feel like physical jobs are the worst jobs to have. Do you agree or disagree?

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Best answer: i think so too and thats why i dont do thern

How much do you make an hour?

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Can semi truck drivers really make over $60,000 per year?

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If they do I feel like I would strongly consider it as a career

Do part time jobs let you decide the days and time of a work you want to work?

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Best answer: It depends upon the company but probably most do NOT let you pick the days and times you work. Offices are probably more flexible than retail. Some will allow you to pick the days you want to work but not the # of hours each day. My sister works part-time but must work every day and they determine the hours she... show more

Yes or no: Thank you cards for job interviews?

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Best answer: It would not hurt

I want to quit my job, but i ll become homeless if i do?

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OK, so i started working at a prison and i absolutely HATE IT, people there obviously don't like me. I don't like the environment, i hate the prisoners that i'm near. And there's also a lot of restriction on what i can and can't say on social media now because of me working in the prison?!... show more

What are some job ideas for introvert teenager?

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Hey I’m a 15 year old female looking for a job I recently started working at a restaurant as a busser and it’s a nightmare. Customers can get really mean and my coworkers complain that I’m too slow too quiet too perfect with everything I think too long and this girl told me that everyone’s talking about me and... show more

Best answer: you're probably going to have to tell him off yourself. You sound very non-confrontational. But maybe this will be your time for a break through. He is obviously a creep. So who cares if you hurt his feelings.

Is this the way people are at work?

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I'n a young person and I've never had a job before. I'm assuming that people at work don't care about becoming friends with anyone and they just want to get the job done. Is that correct?

How long should you stay at a job before asking for a reference for another job?

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I’ve just been hired by Pizza Hut and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, just curious.

Was I fired unfairly?? Help?

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I just got hired to this cashier/barista job about a week ago. I started training on monday and then the second day I was training the manager pulled me aside and told me I’m too slow and not enthusiastic enough so he wasn’t gonna continue the training. I convinced him to give me one more chance, so he gave me... show more

Why would a company have an easy interview process?

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I've applied for Software Engoneering internships a lot. Most of them require me to solve a computer program and have 3 or more interviews that last long. I applied to one a few days ago that seemed easy. They only had 1 interview and they didn't ask any detailed coding questions at all.The pay is $23 per... show more

Can you give me good answer tips for a job interview?

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Best answer: Why do you want to work here, or why should I hire you question. Do some research about the company before you answer. For example, I like your company because they do the jobs that I performed before, or you can say I want to work here is because I want to advance my career, gain more experience. Etc. What... show more

Work took away chairs and is making us stand for 12 hours, what to do?

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Is it a bad idea to exaggerate on a resume? For example work dates, etc?

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Why was British navy so weak compared to Kriegsmarine?

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