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I don’t think I should have to because I don’t have the card anymore, I asked my friend but he doesn’t know

I took out an overdraft, less then a month ago and I need to pay it back soon but I cant.

do I need to go back to the state where the law suit is or will my debt collector travel to my state

I’m buying car insurance this week and I have most of the money on my credit card while the rest is on my bank card. I am working with an agent over the phone so I’m not sure if I could use two cards over the phone I would rather just use one.

Im 2?payments behind according to their email the min payment is currently $410, i have $60 in the bank, I can send them $50, will that count for any thing?

I don't have any credit history that know of. I don't have a credit card. Recently I let a doctor bill go unpaid. Then I got a letter saying that the debt had been handed over to a debt collection agency. I called and am paying of the debt (quickly as possible mind you!), but I'm worried about my credit... show more

My bank don’t let me take out more money than I put in before. I have pending transactions but they usually get declined when I try to purchase something.

so how does he know if I spent his money or does he get a message on his phone

Is PayPal linked to my credit card?

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Would you return the stuff and just never mess with it ever again?

Best answer: Given that such loans are difficult to get, a better route is to seek credit counseling. The not-for-profit that the banks help support is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, which helps you work out strategies to gradually pay off your debt. They have offices around the country, plus telephone access.... show more

Best answer: Advantage of cash - you always know your balance - it is right in front of you. With a debit or credit card, you need to know your available balance to know how much you can spend without going over your balance. Disadvantage of cash - if you are robbed, the thief has your money and you have no way to stop... show more

I took out a student overdraft of 300 pounds, does anybody know when you pay it back?