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got a credit card for the first time and i refuse to have bad credit. is buying small things like candy, meals from fast food places, water bottles and gas a good way to start out and i will put aside paper money for each item i buy and use that paper money to pay the credit bill?

I've gone to the social security office, filed a police report, I called the three credit agencies and went to the IRS. Someone was using my social to work in another state. I'm only 20 years old so I don't have much guidance since my parents are pretty far away from me. BTW I'm a college student... show more

Ace cash express?

8 answers · 2 days ago
So a few months ago I had lost my job and couldn’t afford to pay back an installment loan from ace cash express. They are now sending letters to my employer. What do I do? I still can’t afford to pay that debt at the moment...

Best answer: The few points you lost you will get back. Use the card for small things and pay the full balance each month and that will boost your score. Having a higher credit limit helps you in the long term. It lowers your utilization rate, a big part of your score. Let's say you have a $2,000 limit before it increased... show more

Best answer: You basically are asking that if you carry a balance into your next statement period, aside from interest on the prior balance, will there be interest on the new purchases? Right? The easiest answer is that as soon as you don't pay on time, then interest starts accruing. That means your new purchases get... show more

Bills of deceased person.?

13 answers · 4 days ago
A follow up to another question of mine...will credit card companies write off small balances when a person dies? For example, my grandmother had a Target credit card with balance of $33. She had a Chase card with balance of $111.23. She had a Kohl’s card with a $74 balance. I understand that these bills will need... show more

Why do people get credits cards?

9 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: To build their credit score, to easily buy airline tickets, reserve rental cars and hotel rooms, make purchases online, etc. and not have to pay for it all that moment. It's free money for a month, plus benefits such as cash back or airline miles. If you use it correctly, you pay it off on time, in full each... show more

Hello, I need a 5k loan to cover travel expense to my new job. I ve been a member of wellsfargo for 8 years but never used a credit card. Will it possible to take out 5k loan? I know the interest would be high but is it possible?

When buying first home ..?

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What is it that the loan companies look at? I know your credit score, but what about credit cards? Does it matter if they have balances or not? What about how long I’ve had credit? I need some pointers before following through with getting my first house lol

I went online to order some food for lunch today and they said my card was declined and that is impossible because I checked my bank balnce and had money in my account why did this happen? I cant call the bank they are closed on Saturday

Best answer: are going to keep getting charged interest until the loan is paid off or the car is repo'd. Title loan companies bank on you not paying the entire balance since the interest rates are high so they can keep rolling over the loan and charging interest.

I recently made a transfer to international bank to pay for stuff. They havent receive my payment and after an investigation, they told me that my payment is sitting in my bank account as credit balance. What does that mean? And what should I do?