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I ve been looking at a car and have decided to take the trip to buy the car or at least look at it, I was told that it would be wise to make a deposit to hold the car and the only way to do so because of how far to place is is to do it over the phone and get my credit card details. They told me that they can t... show more

but it’s hard because the customers don’t want the credit cards ? Most customers want to get in and out and my job is depended on the sales we get from credit cards

would I send payments to the creditor or the court? Is the creditor required to send me a receipt upon receiving my payments?

Best answer: I hang up on 80% of the people who call me (usually sales). I generally just say "sorry, can't help you" or something like that and hang up as they continue to blather on into the phone regardless of what I just said. I can often tell by the area code whether its a meaningful call or not but if you... show more

I saw an ad and it says "55 inch LCD TV for only $79/month for 2 years." That's $1896. I bought my 55" LCD TV for $200 during Black Friday!

What do I do?

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I had automatic payments set up to my credit card from my bank account. Every month since I’ve had it the payment said it was made and would take the money but then said it wasn’t paid. The credit card said they refunded money but never did. When I talked to my bank they said they saw no transactions but on my... show more

Best answer: If it was sent to your address but it was not your name and not something you ordered, you absolutely did the right thing to send it back. Great idea to tell her you were going to take her details. If it had been an honest mistake, she would have had no problem with that.

Best answer: How to dispute hard credit inquiries We recommend checking your credit reports often. If you spot any errors, such as a hard inquiry that occurred without your permission, consider disputing it with the credit bureau. You may also contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for further... show more

when i tried to pay the fee they canceled my card without notification. i called and asked for the card to be reinstated and they denied my request. i recently moved and did not get notificaton and i find this to be unethical and wrong. They said they sent me a cancelation letter AND THIS IS A LIE. i am disputing... show more

If I log into credit karma , will the site give me up to date and accurate information as to how much money I owe to collectors and credit card companies? Does the site show EVERYTHING? Or could there be more debt out there that I do not know about?

Owe college 8k directly, no federal attachments to this debt whatsoever. SOL s have expired and I want to see if they ll settle for half, 4k given they can t sue. I want my transcripts. I can t send a traditional settlement letter because my written proposal with signature restarts the statute of limitations in NJ.

I have 2 bills that round up to about 1800 and both of them are over 4 years old. I know the statue of limitation kicks in at 7 years so figured maybe I can use that to my advantage to get the interest off but wondering what's the best way to say it

I’m 19 and I had a medical bill of $75 go to debt collections and I paid it but I haven’t opened a credit card or opened my credit. Does my paying off that debt collection hurt me when I open my credit? I’ve been thinking about opening one in the future, does me having done that affect it now? Thank you.