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I know someone who just switched over to AARP senior advantage who is taking 3 medications. He said he hasn't had to pay anything for them. He also said he can spend $60.00 per month for OTC meds they pay for. On guy on line wrote he's taking 8 medications and doesn't have to pay anything for them. I... show more

I have an 80/20 plan. My son had a wrist pain and our PCP suggested to get an xray done. I have got an x-ray bill and I have to now pay some $500. The x-ray rates are atrocious (something like $300 for wrist xray) , $300 for elbow etc. so my insurance will pay some $100 and I will have to pay the rest (I have... show more

Bear with me. Let's say you have a 10 x 10 4" deep "hole" in your back yard and it gets filled in with old Sheetrock and old insulation. (yes seriously) What are the health risks with this?

How late do insurance agents work?

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Best answer: Same as Realtors, no they don't work until 12am. Right next Q ????

Best answer: You have to work when clients are available, so yes.

Best answer: No. If you go for the screening and they find skin cancers, that is pre-existing condition. You pay out of pocket for any treatments.

I m 17 years old and saw I m getting taxed for Employee Medicare. I was wondering if is is a health care plan. If it is, I would like to know if I can opt out of the payment because I am a dependent on my parent s health care plan.

Best answer: By making more money being self-employed than I would if I were an employee; and by the insurance premiums being tax deductible. If your business isn't making enough to make it worthwhile, then you may wish to consider whether you'd better off as someone else's employee. Or you need to figure out how... show more

Best answer: I think you're thinking of firemen and doctors. Ain't nothing an insurance person does that involves putting out (literal) fires or saving lives.

Best answer: What does nursing have to do with Health Insurance? Just because she is a good nurse doesn't mean she appropriately comprehends the financial risks of going uninsured. I assume at least 20% of requests on sites like GoFundMe are fraudulent anyway...maybe she does have coverage and is just trying to raise... show more

I'm going through a lot turmoil in my life and after talking to some friends, I decided that I want to try seeing a therapist to try and see if that would help me though this difficult time that I'm having. I can't afford to pay full price but heard from a friend that you can use your health insurance... show more

I need help finding insurance.?

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I just found out that I m pregnant. The insurance I had with my parents just ended and I really don t know what to do. This wasn t planned and I m scared. Neither my or my fiance s job offer insurance. I don t know what to do, I ve looked at Humana and unitedheath but I don t qualify. Please help. What are other... show more

Best answer:,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D Most people if they never have lost their job and lost their health insurance, have no clue how much your insurance (really) costs, due to most employers pay the... show more

Best answer: Because Verizon doesn't make its users take an IQ test to join this site.

Best answer: At the moment, due to Obamacare still in place, insurance cannot generally discriminate due to pre existing conditions (that's what the alt-right wants to change). On the other hand what is and isn't actually covered may change due to a different policy. Acne treatments may not be covered if they are not... show more

I m low income on SSD (not SSI), I can t afford market rent. I m owner of & been paying on a Term Life policy 13 years on my ex & need the proceeds to pay off bills so I can maintain my regular monthly expenses. My concerns are that if I choose to rent subsidized apartment housing that this policy would be... show more

Best answer: call anthem and ask. probably has a 20% copay. Did you read your plan booklet?