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My husband has had shingles before and had a different job at the time so his insurance through his job pretty much covered the amount of the prescription. He now has another job he just started about a month and a half ago and he won't get medical for another 2 weeks or so. They sent in the prescription but... show more

I actually have no health insurance and if I have to file taxes at the beginning of next year then how could I avoid paying the penalty of not having health insurance? I don't have it because I have no idea how to get it. I want to ask for help but i don't know how to ask for help. I'm pretty scared... show more

I m out a car, medical bills, and a loan. My life is over at 24 if insurance doesn t cover this. I feel like my local agent may have purposely let my coverage lapse and I just so happened to be hit at around the same time waiting to make a left turn. I was hit by someone with no insurance but I was told they had... show more

If I have home insurance, I want to at least break even each year from the monthly premiums I pay. Why would I spend both time and money boarding up my house when I can just let my insurance pay for damages?

my fathers life insurance policy was paid in full in 1953. it is one that not only pays the base but,pays interest on the fully vested amount. after his death my mother was told by the company that they can not find the policy in their files so they will not honor it. what do we need to do?

Hello, I am 21, F, and in good health. I have medicaid (based on family income)but just moved out of state to somewhere I don t qualify for it. Both my parents are on medicaid, so I will not be covered by them. I d like to declare residency in my new state, but I know my insurance will be disqualified here. I want... show more

Health insurance coverage?

12 answers · 2 weeks ago
I am trying to find medical insurance that will allow me to get a surgery right away that will be worth it cost wise. the surgery is estimated to be $11,000.

Best answer: You don't get free medical if you are uninsured. The emergency room will stabilize you so you don't die. Then you need to find care on your own. Nobody is required to work on you for free so non fatal things are lived with until they become critical. Things like kidney stones are painful but not fatal so... show more

In otherwords, should some obese person with an unhealthy lifestyle be allowed to drain the taxpayers dry for frequent doctor visits and other medical stuff to keeping them alive or should we just throw them on the street and have them live within their own means and not on taxpayer expense?

Medicaid mistakes?

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I got a letter saying i owe them 21k cause from a certain period of time i wasn't eligible for medicade but i never received a letter saying i wasn't eligible, instead i always got letters saying that im eligible & my benefits will continue. Why would they bill me if i was never told i wasn't... show more

While together I let my boyfriend use my address for car insurance (my address was cheaper) we’re no longer together and mail is still being sent to my home from his insurance company. Should I have the mail discontinued?

later fell down while walking, could the accident have contributed to her fall?