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I invested $16000 and it's down to almos t$6000

1 oz bar of pure gold.

Is investing in silver worthwhile too?

$10 worth of silver quarters sell for $200 on ebay even though they're only .90 silver. You can buy a 10 oz troy silver bar .999 for the same price!

Best answer: Honestly, at this point I would just spend it all on prostitutes. There are some gorgeous Russian ones in my area, but the one I wanted they said $500!

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What should I do with $1000?

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How do I go about investing in stock market or do I just hire a stock broker or something to do it for me? And what are the chances I lose it all?

I invested 10k ( on margin) in Tlry stock, it was at 245 and then it plumeted to 90 dollars in A DAY and Td ameritrade sold my stock with my permission and i lost 10k. but I still have a few thousands more in savings. I'm scared to invest again in google and amazon( i've had mediocre success with these)... show more

Best answer: No, not a bad person, but focused on the wrong things if your description is accurate.

I’ve been investing in the stock market but have been mostly conservative and investing in stocks that pay dividends/blue chip it’s going good so far but I’m trying to find out what are some of the things that you have tried as a form of passive income that has generated some revenue for you and if so how did you... show more

Which would you prefer?

Best answer: capitalism at its worst its still going on huge debt funding the rich Britain has 2 trillion in debt this debt is government bonds owned by the rich and is serviced by the tax payer £5000 pounds a second we pay the banks lent money knowing people couldn't afford them they skipped regulations and when interest... show more

Best answer: I own most of my house, land five minutes from a small capital city in Australia, nice big back yard, gonna build a unit or house in the back as well when my grandma leaves my dad and me part of her house, she had three kids, who all have kids, but that was two thirds of a million. I'll have a million at some... show more

Is investing in stocks worth it?

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I'm 18 and I was wondering if I should try to invest in a stock or would this be a waste of time and money? If so, what stocks should I go for and how do I start? Thanks!