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Best answer: Indeed. I went overseas and paid mine off after a year . . . So yeah, put it to rest and move on with life.

Best answer: My bank allows you to open one with $50.00 & you can use it for anything you want. Personally I use mine to save for Christmas & then my summer holiday. I have a separate one for home improvements.

I lost my wallet and cancelled my debit card. I found the wallet the next day in my house. Now I have no debit card or cash because I usually only carried the card. My car is low on gas. Can I go to the bank and get it out or do I have to wait 7-10 days...?

Just quit my corporate job. Now what?

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I am a 23 year old guy, 1 year as a mortgage loan officer. And now 1 as corporate finance consultant. But I quit last Friday. I decided that my time and freedom was more important to me then spending half my life at a desk doing work that I wasn t genuinely interested in Anyway, I m a little sad to be leaving a... show more

Bank issues. Need help.?

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Okay, so I have been working with TD Bank America for about a year and more. Recently, the bank closed the account due to over draft. I wasn t aware of the fact they closed my account. So here is where it gets funky, I am depositing money into the account and I have a receipt from the ATM saying my account accepted... show more

I am 25, live with my parents, and want to move out. How do I go about finding a place to live, and how do I find one with affordable rent? I don't make that much money. I work part time as a cashier.

What makes you a millionaire?

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assets or actually having a million dollars in the bank?

Has anyone got any advice?

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I can't afford to pay my parents the money that I pay each month to them today because I haven't been payed and lost my job. I have explained this several times to them however they aren't excepting this. So at the minute because I haven't payed I have no electricity, no food, no showers or... show more

Best answer: Start by checking the New York State database that identifies dormant accounts, such as your father's, that were turned over to the state as "unclaimed". If you find his name there, you then follow the instructions on the database to claim the contents of the... show more

How do you repay a private loan?

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Does it just come out of your bank account monthly by itself !

I don't have this amount but want to set it as a personal goal.

What's the best way to save money?

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Ways to get gasoline discounts?

6 answers · 2 days ago
Anyone has researched the best ways to save gas on a car? I am not talking about the types of cars. I am talking about ways to get discounts, certain systems, credit cards, affiliate marketing, promos, coupons whatever. Just ways to pay less or less a way of getting a better rate.

(long read but stay with me) Hey guys, so just to starts i am not saying all women are gold diggers, but to ask that if they are gold diggers is that natural? Society knows that the Men sexual nature comes from years of evolution if we are talking based on science. Men in general are known to be sexual active more... show more

How can I save money?

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