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I’m 21 years old (female If it matters) and I have expenses of my own (car note, insurance, cellphone bill) plus I’m trying to save money to move out But recently my mom has been bugging me and pretty much threatening to kick me out if I can’t give her a certain amount of money every month to help her out. My dad... show more

Best answer: My mom got remarried and I couldn't stand my stepdad. I knew him before they even started dating and I didn't like him, and he didn't like me. So that's why. I moved out when I was 17, two months before my 18th birthday. I had already graduated three months earlier, though. Also, I did want my... show more

I am moving out of my parents house and into my first apartment soon. One in particular is by FAAAAAAR the best in my price range. Problem is, I called them and they have pretty stringent requirements for approval, including at least 12 months of prior rental history, and told me over the phone I would not... show more

I am currently renting my home and the landlord has offered to let me purchase the home. If I have an appraiser, real estate agent come out and appraise the home, will the appraiser have to contact my landlord about anyting?

Here's the situation: I recently moved into a university-type housing complex with two other guys who are like me (grad students, busy, quiet, respectful). The complex filled the room above me in the same townhome with a guy that has become an absolute nightmare. He's constantly having friends/family stay... show more

Best answer: A studio apartment has either a pull out couch (very uncomfortable for nightly sleeping) or a bed in basically what is the living room, open to the kitchen. Along with the bed in the living room, you would also have your bedroom furniture, such as your dresser and night stand. However, you certainly can... show more

One bedroom vs two bedroom?

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I just got approved at a brand new apartment complex and I’m debating if I should get the two bed one bath vs the one. Now the smallest one bedroom is $795 next size is $890 and next size is $900. The two by one that I want is $995 the only utilities I pay is water, light and pest control/trash which is $15 a... show more

Is rent-to-own a good idea?

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Do all mortage lenders offer this program?

My apartment had an inspection for my apartment building because someone is smoking inside . Although I’m glad they’re looking I’m finding myself a bit frustrated . They emailed yesterday at 9am that they were coming the next day from 10-11 and that we had to have our pets removed or in a cage . I have a cat and a... show more

I had a second viewing yesterday on my flat which seemed to go well but have not heard anything from the estate agents today

Best answer: That is good income. Make sure the tips are documented and verifiable or it will not count as far as qualifying goes. Your rent should never be more than 1/3 your gross income. I found plenty of places for less than $1000/ mo when I lived there. That was about 14 yr ago though. EDIT: You may have similar... show more

How does rent to own homes work?

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I m interested in renting a house, however, I m not sure if I necessarily want to BUY the house. Are we locked in to buying if we do a "rent to own". How does it work?

Do you need a down payment or high credit score?