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I have a large amount of electronic cables in perfect condition (several cat 6 cables usb cables aux cables etc) I also have a few working smartphones and a broken ipad2 ... Is there any legitimate websites that would pay money for these items....I know that my local scrap yard will give me a really low amount of... show more

Can the Verizon Fios backup battery be recharged so that I don t have to buy a new one.

Best answer: Sometimes one is faster Has nobody thought about the Speed of Dark Or the Speed of Thought which has to be faster Like 13.8 Billion Light years in a blink of an eye Analyse that if you wish

Replica watch sold as AAA?

4 answers · 1 week ago
I bought what i thought was a used G-Shock and the description said "AAA, New". I didn't pay much attention to that because I thought It was something battery related. After buying the watch I figured out it was fake and the owner said he never lied and said that It was an AAA watch, and said AAA... show more

Amazon firestick?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
I am very confused, can someone please clarify. i have a friend who said she has an amazon firestick where she can watch ANY movie even the new ones and that she does not have the need to go to the cinema since she can watch them for free with that firestick. Whereareas I was reading other questions about... show more

I have a very old house, with shiplap boards as the wall. The baby sleeps in the room that is attached to both the kitchen and the living room. All of the ones I have tried are super quiet. I need something that can be loud enough to drown out the sounds of cooking, vacuuming, talking, ect. Please... show more

Multiple 9v & AA battery circuit?

8 answers · 3 weeks ago
I have a bank of 9, 9v batteries that are wired parallel, I want to get to 12v for a new usb smart charger to work; I’m going to use 2 AA batteries to get up to 12. My question is, once the AAs run dry, will the amperage passing through them from the 9v bats keep the circuit at 12v?

Good audio editor that works good.?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Windows.

I have a samsung level on pro headset, and the bluetooth sound is sooo low! But when I hook a cord/wire to it, the sound is amazing. I tried using it on other phones and the same results. I even have it fully charged and still the same. My brother gave them to me after finding them at the gym. (He works there btw,... show more

I m sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but I m new to this. I am currently working from home and they said I could use earbuds or anything with a mic to participate. My room is very small and my office is near the wall. The walls are very thin that you will hear the tv through it. My headphones are beats and... show more

Should i get a drone?

4 answers · 3 weeks ago
i am thinking of getting a drone and i have narrowed it down to dji mavic pro. The thing is i am wonderigng who to buy it from. From amazon its gonna cost me $1198.99 it comes with 2 batteries lenscloth cover for the gimbal and some other goodies. But on groupon it costs me 872 and its refurbished and it comes with... show more

Only came with USB cord, no adapter. Can I connect to a phone charger.

In aim to cool / circulate the air inside my house, I have bought a large Ionizer / Air-circulator while my Central Air system is on-the-fritz. What feature does Ionized air provide vs. simply circulating the latent air indoors?

I did not sign up for Amazon prime?

13 answers · 4 weeks ago