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I'm looking at a basic set of Logtech speakers on Amazon, cheap ones for $20. it has a 3.5mm jack like my scanner, Question is, Will they work if I plug them into my scanner?

My appliance is 110-240V 50/60Hz and 50 watts is that okay to use without a converter?

In 2009 analog signals were turned off in favor of digital. The problem is that DTV signals are binary. Either you get a perfect signal or you get no signal. Analog signals are multipath. The picture might be snowy, but at least you get a signal. In 2009, they gave out coupons for converter boxes, but those boxes... show more

The best way to clean cds and dvds.?

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i tried to update the bluetooth driver but it still scanning and scanning without any purpose

Best answer: They were called C-Band Satellite dishes. Yes they are still made and in existance and programming is available for them. Almost all cable systems use them to receive their programming. C-band general Info http://www.geosats.com/cfaq.html One of many providers of programming ... show more

How do I fix my ipad?

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Yesterday I accidentally spilled a whole bottle of water on my Ipad and it wont turn on...ive tried putting it in rice for 7 days and then put it on charge and it still wont turn on, I also tried holding the power button and homebutton at the same time and still has the same effect...I need help ASAP please🙏 thx

I got a 1984 Sony tc-fx505R cassette deck for Christmas and after a few months of fixing the problems with it such as old belts, high speed, and motor adjustments, it’s finally working smoothly... except for the record button. it’s not the kind of button that can’t push down if the tabs are broken off, it’s just... show more

Im always careful removing my phone from the charger cable but the wires never seem to last me more than a little over a year. Does everyone have this problem?

So I popped in a 1998 cassette into my Quasar VHS player and it wouldn t play. The STOP message at the top left would appear before any image from the movie would. So I rewound it, fully rewound. It now plays for about 10 seconds and then stops, as if the stop button was pressed.