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Best answer: It'll be fine. Just make sure your vacuum has a chance to dry out so mold doesn't catch, leave it open in a warm place for a while.

The international adapter I got for Europe has the following product description: Output: 5V DC Smart 3.4A (Total) 5V-2.4A 3USB connected (Each USB 2.4A max) 5V-3A Smart USB-C Total Loading: 6.3A Does this amperage output include the AC socket? So if I'm maxing out my USB ports at 3.4a, I can only pull... show more

So I moved to this new apartment a year ago and it has a napco gt alarm installed, but the landlord never mentioned anything about it. I was wondering if there’s a way of just buying a subscription online from napco to activate it, without bothering my landlord.

Best answer: Looks good. RICCAR are expensive but they are the best vacuums AND they're actually made in the US!

Best answer: It should be covered under Nokia's "Sidewalk Breakage Coverage".

I’ve had it a while and the thing is I haven’t used it for a while nor do I remember where I got it from. How do I figure out what batteries it needs? I have no idea as I can’t remember

Best answer: Yeeaauhhh... That one is going to remain tough. Better seriously consider different makes... Collins is a brand that hasn't been on the market for a Long time. There is a Collins Collector's Association, but that isn't the same as a manufacturer.

Best answer: Read the manual for your oven, or find it online. There will be a procedure for setting the clock after a power outage. Usually, it's simply pressing a button for a few seconds and then rotating a dial to set the time again.

Best answer: Also, there are 75-ohm to 300-ohm adapters. If cutting half a spade off still doesn't help, a pair of wire strippers from a hardware store should. https://www.summitsource.com/GetImage.ashx?Path=~%2fAssets%2fProductImages%2fCO3216.jpg

PIR sensor.. How does it work?

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Yesterday I was exploring an abandoned building and noticed a PIR on the wall. I came toward it reallyy slowly because i had no idea whether it works... So I was walking very slowly and then it suddenly flashed when i came closer, but didnt turn on an alarm. Why? Could the speakers be smashed or is it how it... show more

I lost mine while moving. The safety bolts come pre attached and no size is listed in the manual.