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I ran into this problem yesterday at 1:00 p.m. I walked into a restaurant and mistakenly asked for 2 sausage dinners because I wanted to make sure the guy understood I didn't want sausage subs. A half-hour later I go to pick it up and was told the price was $40, but I only had $20 on me because that's what... show more

They both more or less have the same food though....

So where do you want to go to eat?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: At my house because my mom cooks the best fried rice

Can a Restaurant have bad chef?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Everyone can have a "bad day" but if this consistently happens when this particular person is working the management needs to know. Start sending the food that is not done properly, according to your order, back. I also would follow up with an email not just to the particular restaurant but to the... show more

Best answer: I beleibve they are cutting corners some where eg using frozen food, or they want to be popular

I ordered takeout/delivery the other day, and the price came out to be like 23 or 26 dollars, but when the transaction went through, it charged me 30 something dollars. I ve thrown away the receipt cause I ve ordered there before and it s always been right. What do I do?

i asked for a large pepperoni pizza and the guy toldme in spanish solo hay de queso, why is that?

Best answer: Gross

Rude guy at coffee shop?!?

3 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: Yeahhhhhh, there's a lot of jerks at Starbucks. lots of pretentious idiots paying $8 for a cup of coffee....just so THEIR coffee cup can have a cool Yuppie logo on it.

They say the Chinese food you gave America is nothing like the Chinese food they serve in China.

Best answer: Sometimes it means that the junior server is still in training, other times it just means that they have not been there for very long, and the junior servers almost always make less.

At a local pizza place, I placed my order for pizza and ordered a drink (planning on eating there that night) then sat down. A while after I ordered, the guy working there brought over my drink then says "you know we're doing to-go only, right?" and informed me that they're closing early due to... show more

i am obese an proud and i tried to explain to the waiter that i wanted to increze the size of my meal but still pay the same but he refused and when i thretened to sue him he kicked me out i think restarunts should give fat people more food than skinny people but it costs the same