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Best answer: Yes. Of course, it depends on how you define conservative. many conservative colleges/universities are also affiliated with a religion. Some are more academically rigorous than others. Some have predominantly conservative students but the faculty is more liberal-minded.... show more

Can you be a failure at 25?

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I’m 22 and I was out of school for two years... I finished my AA in 2.5 years due to remedials.. when I tried to apply for my university I missed the deadline then when I applied for summer the wouldn’t let me take summer or fall.. so now I’m transferring to another school and that has accepted me and is not... show more

Best answer: So you have 25% F. 50% will be your final. 25% on your lab- what is you grade in that now? You need a C to pass. So if you get an A on your final you are at a C Yes you can pass. It depends on what you get on your finals and lab work

Why or why not?

Is college only for dummies?

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Smart people dont need college?

Can I still get into Med School?

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I am a junior biology major. My first year was bad. Like reallllly bad. (1.9 GPA) I had some close family die as well as other things that kept me from focusing on school. However, since then I have made 3.5 GPA and above. I should have about a 3.4 GPA when I graduate. I am an EMT as well to get hours in as well as... show more

Computers get cheaper because it takes less labor to make a computer than it once did. They say colleges cant get more efficient to make education cheaper and costs rise as they have to pay staff more to retain staff who otherwise might move to other industries. There is an easy solution, which is to cram more... show more

Like, after you've completed/graduated from University, does life get less stressful? As you'll only have a fixed job/profession which is easier and less complicated

Alot of my friends wanna go to universities. But i checked the tuition and some are $30k+ a year. I dont think i can afford that or my parents can afford that. I was thinking of taking a year off and getting a part-time job and then going to a community college since the one i wanna go to is only $1700 a year. ... show more

Best answer: Disagree, although getting college paid for is one heck of a lot easier than working for the money yourself. I did both and know it from experience. 2 years from mom and dad, and the other two on my own earnings (it took 3 and a half years to finish those "two" years of college). Life is a lot more... show more

For a good paying stable job.

So im thinking of dropping out of college. Only because i already failed like 3 classes and dropped a bunch more. My gpa is extremely low. I can continue or drop out. I know i will disappoint my parents because they wanted me to graduate college but it is not working out right know. Know i do have a part-time job... show more

So am 20 years old male. I will be getting my Associates on automotive technology from Community College I will be finished by the time am 21 and I wanna go to 4 year college after that. Am I too old to start 4 year college at that age??? I fell like I will be older than other kids that start 4 years at the age... show more