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I have known some people with autism and some of them were on weird restrictive diets. Why is this?

I just had the basic test for autism with my GP and it turns out that as far as the test goes it doesn't look like i'm autistic. I went after talking to a councillor about how i believe i think and feel differently from ordinary people, she thought it likely i had high functioning autism and said that... show more

Best answer: Sure, but it is more difficult. You would have to have good records of your early years (specifically birth to age 3 including notations about when you developed language). but technically there is no longer an aspergers diagnosis. they changed it a few years ago. it is now just called autism.

Best answer: You don't. Autism is a neurological difference, you were born Autistic and will remain Autistic throughout your life - there's no reason you should want 'rid' of your Asperger Syndrome, it's who you are as a person: how you experience, interpret, and interact with the world. Accept who you are... show more

Best answer: Yes, and the surgeons are laughing all the way to the bank. Thanks for asking.

How do you know if you're dyslexic?

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Best answer: Well, you're not alone, and some people apparently can't spell even with spellcheck. The ability to spell seems to be something some people are born with and some are not, but the best way to get better at spelling is to read the words often. If you see a word correctly spelled enough times, it tends to... show more

Best answer: It would follow that the lower the total in those needing care/attention. The more care/attention the individual would get. Not always true however, sometimes the one needing the most care is the one who gets the least. They can't/won't advocate for themselves in some cases. While in other families the... show more

I've tried counseling, punishment, reasoning, and even bribery; nothing works. The next step is medicine but does that even help autistic brains?