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There are some people in my school and it seems like they never shower. Their hair is completed matted and greasy, they stink like cat litter and apple juice, and they have black heads and pimples all over them. Even on their arms. Are they depressed or afraid of water or something? But dont they care about their... show more

Best answer: "once a cheater always a cheater" is not fair. I cheated on the boyfriend I had many years ago, but I never once cheated on my current husband. There are many factors that determine if you will cheat: your maturity, the state of your relationship, etc. Anyways, to answer your question.. You say you... show more

Is a 25 year old almost 30?

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An arson attack six months ago that left one Christian pastor hospitalized and caused nearly $1.8 million in damage. The June assault was the latest and most dramatic sign of tension between Christians in Israel and a growing movement of Jewish extremists who seek to cleanse their nation of religious... show more

Best answer: dont be silly

I wanted to diagnose myself with adult ADHD. I still have trouble with writing sentences here. Since I was at school, I was always behind on my schoolwork in which I didn't know why I was always behind, particularly in Maths, I did terrible in Maths. I had trouble making friends at school and was bullied... show more

Best answer: Donald Jr. for sure. Jared and Ivanka will have to answer for accepting MILLIONS from foreign countries and rigged licensing deals from China. Then back to New York City to join Eric to face charges with dad on money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion. It's a family affair.

504 plan request?

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I want to get a 504 plan but my school wants to have a meeting with my teachers, a counsler, the principal, me, and my parent. I just feel like that is so exessive and awkward. long story short i dont wnt my teachers to be there, i dont want them to view me as dffrent. Is it legal/acceptable to request my teachers... show more

Are men the aggressors?

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Is it true men are the aggressors when pursuiting women Are animals the same

Best answer: Votes matter more than lives.

Best answer: The 21st century