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Im afraid to get in trouble or hurt my grade. I think the earth is a circle.

Is teaching really a skill?

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No disrespect to teachers, but is it really a skill? Think about it. If someone put a high school teacher in the control station of an oil refinery or the driver's seat of a police car, they would not have the first clue of what they are supposed to do. But if you took an engineer or a cop and put them in a... show more

Best answer: Give it as a Christmas present. That's more common in elementary school than high school, but it does happen in high school.

Best answer: There is no such requirement, you’re a liar and a fool. Please do not reproduce.

Best answer: grade 16, really?

Best answer: Then ask another teacher to show you how a question and answer site works.

Best answer: Pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children, not adolescents. I will certainly agree that some female teachers have gotten involved with male students. They've been properly arrested and often sent to prison. That's why we know about them. However, they generally have not had a history of... show more

Okay, so 2 months ago we had a new seating plan and i got moved next to this horrible boy next to me and this horrible girl infront of me. They bully me, and it s serious. They shout at me during class, nick my stuff and they are very successful in getting me in trouble and humiliating me infront of the whole... show more

Is the last day of school. So everyone ends kindergarten at 6 and first grade at 7 etc. If May 23rd falls on a Saturday or Sunday you must attend that day. Because every child has to end at 6 in kindergarten. And if graduation day on a Saturday or sunday you still have to attend that day they want all elementary... show more

Could I be caught doing this?

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Best answer: nnaybe not if you deleted it

My plan is to pick up one of the smaller kids and use them as a human shield while I run. I'm definitely not going to take one for the kids. Would the bullets be able to go all the way through and still hit me?

Best answer: Some employers are looking for people with intercultural experience, and language skills. It would depend very much on the employer.

Best answer: They can't stand dealing with the children they are supposed to be educating. I don't blame them, the kids seem to know all about their rights and f**k all about personal responsibility and common courtesy.

Best answer: One should be respectful to others, not just their teachers.

What's this mean?

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Best answer: It simply means, insult him in any way and he'll block you!

My teacher ays I have to go to a mandatory school event but I have to pick up my mom at the same time of the event. She has no other way of getting home . how would I put this in an email without it seeming like she could find her won way home