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Best answer: Golf course maintenance.

With the rising instances of child molesters among women?

Is 2.9 gpa good?

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Best answer: Good enough to get admitted at Community Colleges and many State Colleges...but won't get you many scholarships if a good college is your goal. Room for improvement.

Best answer: The people operating the GED program can tell you all its requirements. Some may require proof that immigrants are here legally, and others won't. (I used to teach conversational English at one that did not.) So call or stop at the place that oversees the GED program and ask them, rather than asking us.

Best answer: It means it is broken or you are not holding it exactly level. Its possible you might be to close to a magnetic source. There are places on earth where a magnetic compass will lie.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh9vaXWs...

Best answer: No; I would say lack of education would be more accurate.

Best answer: Yelling does no good. The loud and disruptive students should be thrown out of class so that those who want to learn have an atmosphere in which they can learn. Our schools and society at large seems to cater to the lowest common denominator. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. I say, let it rust in detention

if i'm currently at a B1 level (Pretty good intermediate) how many hours will it take me to reach basic/ pretty fair amount of fluency if i'm putting in around 20+ Hours a week?

Best answer: Umm. No?

Best answer: No, I would not be looking to waste money, time, and their education.

Telling my parents wouldn’t help at all, I can gaurentee they would just get mad (it’s already kind of happened) but my friends think i should talk to someone.

Best answer: Yes, the schools in and around Salt Lake City have been in session for about 2 weeks now.