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Best answer: There wouldn't be any laws about this...that I can guarantee. Appeal to the school's administration, they might be able to speak with this teacher to convince them to change their mind. I would expect most places would give some leniency here...but there might be other restrictions over which they may... show more

Best course of action?

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I am going to start school to be a vet tech on Feb 11. I am VERY excited, because I've been wanting this for a long time, but for whatever reason I've been putting it off. Anyway, school is from 8am-12pm, then I drive for about 45 mins to my full time job from 1pm-8pm (Ive spoken to management'sto... show more

either 3rd generation Jamaican Christian black, whose families are now British Londoners, or Somali new Muslim blacks given priority schooling, and many other pupils who hold classes back as they cannot speak English

I mean I know that most people need to go to school if they want a higher up Job but those universities have turned into Marxist garbage. What's a person to do. What do you think can be done. Should we pass some laws against cultural Marxism and the left so they cannot poison our children. I mean look at those... show more

Best answer: Yep!

Schools in USA are good?

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Best answer: "May I be honest with you? I find it annoying when you say that to me."

I was asked about the validity of creationism and I avoided the question and talked about the nature and philosophy of science and for students to decide for themselves. But if I were to answer directly about God, creationism, I really want to explain to students that if I side with religion I could risk my job... show more

Best answer: No, it is NEVER too late. I got my third bachelors degree when I was 41, and I was 47 when I got my masters degree. My grandmother was 38 when she got her second masters degree. Age is a state of mind.

Is Wikipedia fake?

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Best answer: I dropped out of high school and got a GED at 17. Ifucked off for 10 years then landed a good union job that I've held for 21 years. I now make six figures working as a telecommunications engineer. I have no mortgage, no debt, a fat pension and a fat 401k. Company paid health care. I'll retire a... show more

I have generalized anxiety disorder and am stressed out. I want to have a few Modelo beers in class to take the edge off.

Best answer: Most people can't handle days and nights that last half a year each, nor temperatures several dozen degrees below zero

Is my GPA somewhat well?

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I do some of my work when time permit. But I think. May be some behind. I got the few f grades but i rebound some. So. Score 0.296. Am I doing a somewhat well?

I had her in 9th grade and back then I was extremely awkward, Poor, and fat. But I was a good student regardless though and I had a good relationship with her but it was just awkward at times. 10 grade I was the same. But stuff changed slowly by slowly as the years progressed. I have fresh clothes, chains, I lost... show more

Best answer: A calculator doesn't have an IQ at all so even I'm cleverer than that.