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Best answer: Lucky guy, he has parents with a bed.

How do you win Yahoo Answers?

7 answers · 12 hours ago

It's my birthday today:)?

8 answers · 3 hours ago

Am I being Stalked by Freemasons?

6 answers · 4 hours ago

Have like ever swung from a vine?

6 answers · 11 hours ago

Best answer: Whoever the writers chose, since they are all fictional.

Best answer: Yup, one

Who is Karen's husband?

4 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Nobody. She and Stan are now divorced.

Best answer: Well if being called a slut hurts you than yes it is.

Best answer: Sure. Just being a celebrity is the only qualification needed to be Presideht. Any fool can do the job. As we've seen.

Best answer: meditate