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What is your favorite Mexican dish?

35 answers · Ethnic Cuisine · 2 days ago

Can you squash a load of meatballs together to make a burger?

18 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 2 days ago
Best answer: Raw it would work, although the meatball mixture might be a little bit more meat-loafy, and or bready but if unfrozen it would work. Cooked meatballs, not even real. Some could say you could grind it up and bind it with aiggs. Why bother?

Would you eat these pizzas?

15 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 14 hours ago
I have some cool pizza ideas. 1. Chicken soup pizza- a pizza but with a chicken flavored sauce, chicken, carrots and noodles on top 2. Burger pizza- regular pizza but with beef, pickles, onion, and cheese slices on top 3. Taco pizza- pizza with taco seasoning on the crust, taco sauce flavored sauce, beef,... show more

Does cornflour and water make a good sauce?

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Best answer: Uhjhhhhhhh

What is pickeled fish called?

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Is a hotdog a sandwich?

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What is your definition of a sandwich at what qualifies of excludes a hotdog from this classification?

Is Macaroni cheese considered junk food?

16 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 22 hours ago
Best answer: No,

What's better : steak or chicken fajitas?

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Stove top cooking at high altitude, help, it's not working!?

10 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 2 days ago
I live at 9,547 feet, I have been boiling elbow macaroni for 50 minutes, and it's still hard, why the hell wont they get soft?!

Best answer: It's a waste of money if you don't eat them, so the key is to buy them more frequently so you eat them before they spoil. If that's not practical, then you might want to cut down on the amount you buy, or try storing them differently. For example, if you rinse strawberries with a vinegar/water rinse... show more

What is you faverat food?

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Best answer: Pizza

Am I an alcoholic?

16 answers · Beer, Wine & Spirits · 2 days ago
I drink at least a bottle of wine every night I get off of work. I can’t stop drinking. I get sick if I don’t drink. I keep telling myself that I’m going to quit and yet I drink the following night. However, neither of my parents drink alcohol. Does this mean that I’m in no danger of being an alcoholic?

Is well done the best way to cook steak?

28 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 3 days ago
I've always cooked well done but I heard it causes cancer???? So what is best way to cook steak????

If humans need meat to survive, how are vegans alive?

67 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 6 days ago

She says that eating meat causes violence and toxic masculinity I agree with her, And I want to stop but still get hungry

Is it possible to stay drunk all week with just $80 a week?

13 answers · Beer, Wine & Spirits · 2 days ago
How about $180

...AFTER the election.... CORRECT?