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Why do people like unhealthy food?

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Best answer: It’s usually loaded with sugars and carbs which are not easy to come by in nature so our bodies evolved to crave them more and eat as much as possible when we had the chance. The imprint of evolution is still there but the ease with which we can attain rare nutrients means we can over indulge and do harm.

How do you know if somebody is Vegan?

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Poll: Are you addicted to Nutella?

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Is drinking a 6 pack a day a heavy or light drinker?

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What foods do you hate the most?

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Best answer: I refuse to eat almost all crustaceans. Their legs and smell remind me of bugs, and the idea of putting them in my mouth makes me feel sick.

Can you make me a sandwich?

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Best answer: Make or buy veggie noodles, like those made with zucchini.

Absolut Vodka vs Smirnoff Vodka?

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I want to get one of these as a present but have never bought them personally. Which is better alone , mixed , in general ?

What is cider.?

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Best answer: Flour? Are you baking the bread from scratch first? That would take a while.

Best answer: Healthy food generally costs more, especially organic fruits and vegetables. Greasy unhealthy food such as McDonalds or carls Jr is generally way cheaper and more convenient

Do U prefer beer, wine, whiskey-or-all 3?

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Best answer: Pescatarian is the most favoured term but some, use demi-vegetarian, an older but more ambiguous term [it can also mean another not-quite-vegetarian diet, such as flexitarian]]. The term pescatarian came into common use in the 1990s along with pollotarian, flexitarian etc.

If I were to have one of my limbs amputated, can I, a vegan, eat it?

14 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 2 days ago
Best answer: Technically, no as they are an animal product. However, since you have given yourself permission to eat your own body parts there is nothing morally wrong with you doing so and you can still call yourself a vegan. The question remains is it moral for a doctor to remove said limb. If it was for medical reasons then... show more

Is leftover Turkey in the fridge from thanksgiving still ok to eat?

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Best answer: That is well beyond my limits for pre-cooked turkey - and I stretch those dates well beyond the date most people toss out leftovers.