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What is it called when a person eats meat and vegetables?

50 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 2 days ago

Which of these breakfasts do you choose?

32 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 2 days ago
Best answer: Brazilian. More my eating style.

Do you like coffee?

61 answers · Non-Alcoholic Drinks · 4 days ago
Best answer: I used to drink a lot of coffee but I was drinking so much of it that it was making my stomach hurt so I stopped drinking it

What are your favorite vegetables and how do you like them prepared?

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What kind of tea do you drink?

17 answers · Non-Alcoholic Drinks · 18 hours ago
Best answer: I like many kinds of tea. What I drink depends on what is available.

What did you eat today for supper?

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What do you plan on eating for supper?

How many of you prefer to dine out or cook homemade meals at home!?

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State your opinion?

Sweet oatmeal recipe?

15 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 14 hours ago
I am trying to add oatmeal to my breakfast routine for health reasons, but I hate it. It's not a texture thing, it's just too bland to me. I tried oatmeal with banana, peanut butter, honey, and maple syrup. It still tastes awful. It's like adding honey to something you really hate. When you eat it, you... show more

Would you drink a garlic milkshake?

24 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 3 days ago
Best answer: Yes. I liked the garlic ice cream at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. A milkshake could be good too

Survey 4: What is your favourite food?

20 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 2 days ago
Best answer: Pasta shells with tomato and basil sauce

What is the best seasoning for chicken?

11 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 8 hours ago

Are humans herbivores?

20 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 2 days ago

Poll: Chinese or Mexican food?

15 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 1 day ago

Why are meat eaters so angry about the beyond meat burger?

12 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 19 hours ago
I saw an ad on Facebook for beyond meat partties. It was full of hundreds of nasty comments from meat eaters bashing vegans and plant based food for no reason. Why? I am not vegan. I just couldn't care less what people eat and do not find a veggie burger offensive.

It crossed my mind recently that I never actually tried cherry pie (etc) even though I see it in grocery stores. Never seen it ordered or eaten before either.

I never made a pizza. What are the best toppings to use?

12 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 21 hours ago

I always boil my eggs with salt and I’ll sometimes add vinegar to the water as well, but either way it still seems to fall apart when I peel them..I like to cook my eggs around 6 min because I like them the inside is semi soft but I’m willing to sacrifice that to get the full egg, should I cook longer? I’ve tried... show more

Is raw milk safe to drink ?

15 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 3 days ago
Best answer: It is if the cow is checked regularly to make sure she is tuberculosis-free. I lived in the country for a while and bought raw milk locally. And never had any trouble adjusting to it (I didn't start off slow like this farmer advises you). The cream rises to the top, almost in gloppy strands, and you have to... show more