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Best answer: There is no one, specific "nature dance" that covers all cultures...In fact, studying dance across cultures gives an excellent insight into their characteristics, values and view of 'nature' itself. The 'dance' you see elderly Asian folks doing is probably Tai Chi. Which is not so much a... show more

My mother doesn’t approve of my career choice, but she has never approved of me dancing in general because “dance doesn’t get me anywhere” and that “dance is not a career,” despite my passion. She is one of those parents who desires a more stable profession that I should or should not do as a career choice(rather... show more

Best answer: I think it's cool. Ballet is super athletic and you have to be very graceful and coordinated. I'd find a guy who does ballet attractive, and at the least I'd think he was interesting and want to talk to him about what it's like to be a dancer.

I want to be a ballerina but sometimes i get bored or dont want to go to class. is this normal.

hello, I am 16 years old ballet dancer, and I aspire to dance professionally. I have always been a petite and very thin girl, and I currently weigh 108 lbs (I am just under 5'4"). However, I have recently developed size C breasts. They are getting annoying and becoming an inconvenience for dance, and I... show more

Sorry Karen?

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I'm not sure if you got my texts from yesterday about the twins, and Bryan. They were deleted and I haven't gotten a response so I'm going to assume this app deleted them. Your kids are asleep, i might have accidentally put laxitves into their food. Well found out in the morning. Hope your having fun.... show more

Best answer: I think the Trocs are amazing.

Best answer: The sprinkler, the light bulb, the Charlie Brown you can’t mess this up..

I am a ballet instructor, and while I have danced my whole life, I am somewhat new to teaching. I am having a little trouble getting my young dancers to keep their knees straight. Even some of my ten-year-olds have a lot of trouble keeping straight knees, especially in doing tendus. So far, I have just been... show more

I want to start dance, and would love to do shows and competitions but I know that’s for the people who are very good. I’m a 13 year old girl and will be 14 in about 3 months. I’ve had no dance experience my entire life and have a very low fitness level. I’m not very overweight, but I am a bit chubby and have no... show more

Depressed after first dance class?

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I probably sound so dumb but I’m just really sad right now. I got to take my first dance class today, I was excited but scared. The choreographer and his friend that was there; I’ve been watching their dance videos on Youtube for years. Anyways this was a hip hop masterclass and they moved very fast, I mean I am a... show more

I started a year ago and now i'm going everyday for 4 hours (except sundays I do contortion training for 2 hours) i'm now in classes with people who started at 3 and I get private lessons 5 times a week. and i'm on pointe.i know people my age start going to ballet schools but i'm so passionate and I... show more

Is an associate degree in ballet?

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Best answer: Not really. It would only be helpful if you were going to be a dance teacher assistant or open your own dance school.

Why is my car sounding like there is static running across it while I'm driving at times. The radio is not on nor the sound system. It's a bit loud. I can hear it at times throughout the day but it's not constant. When I first started hearing it I thought it was the radio or sound system. I checked and... show more

Back pain? dancer?

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i have lower back pain on my left side of my back...close to my backbone. i’ve had problems with my back for about 4 years now... i injured it somehow in tumbling class i’m not sure how. i stopped tumbling since then and started ballet. my back sort of healed after i quit tumbling but it still does hurt sometimes.... show more

Lonely at boarding school?

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Best answer: It's not exactly loneliness you are feeling. It's homesickness and there can't be many people around who've been away from home who haven't suffered from it. The cure is time and how much time it takes, varies from person to person. It's a good sign that you are otherwise enjoying being... show more

Why do I freak out when I dance?

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Best answer: What do you mean by "freak out"? Is it just nerves, do you noticeably shake, do you really sweat, what happens? Try to "get in the zone" when you dance, where you forget you are being watched, all that matters is you and the music. Talk to your teacher about it, especially since she noticed.... show more

Is undulate used correctly?

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The dancer's body undulated smoothly and gracefully to the somber tone of the song

Also, what do they make?