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Dancing Section?

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Best answer: I can see all question in dance I can only two question in the travel / Chicago section. Yahoo glitches

Best answer: If you were put en pointe after only a year of training you are not in professional training that will give you a ballet career. The requirement for point work is way more than just strong ankles. In a good recreational ballet school it takes at least three years of taking three or more 90 minute ballet classes a... show more

I have watched many T.V dance show(e.g-World Of Dance,So You Think You Can Dance)and the one thing Ive noticed is how the majority of the dancers go in bare feet.A few of the acts do wear shoes but most of them don't.Is their any particular reason why this is so.

My dance pole won’t stay up?

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I just purchased a pole and I can get it up, but every time I get on it, it slips. I’ve tightened it all the way. Is it because I have a carpet floor?

Hi, I’ve been dancing for many years and I absolutely love it, I’m currently doing mostly ballet and pointe. I only take 3 classes right now, but if I audition for company and get in I will be required to take 11. I’ll be dancing almost everyday of the week for 1.5-3 hours. Also, I’m really tall/don’t have the... show more

She just turned 11 in December, and she's been dancing a little over four years. The girls in her class range in age from almost 10 to 13 years old, and the teacher is wanting to put all of them on pointe soon. She is making the youngest one who turns 10 in a couple months wait until after her birthday, but... show more

Should I join dance company?

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Hi, I’ve been dancing for many years and I absolutely love it, I’m currently doing mostly ballet and pointe. I only take 3 classes right now, but if I audition for company and get in I will be required to take 8. Kind of a lot. Also, I’m really tall which hinders my dancing skills, so since I’m not as good I might... show more

So I dance, mostly pointe and ballet. I really want to work on my pointe, but I can’t at home because it ruins the floors and there isn’t enough space. There is a dance room that’s big and has a floor made for dancing at my school. It’s usually used for their dance team, but the season is over and my friend and I... show more

I’m not sure if I want to dance or be a bar girl. Either way, I know they have to deal with stalkers and wired people. I have a bus that I can take, but I’m worried about being followed. I would take uber, but I don’t have the money right now.

I am in a school club that raises money to support a well known non profit organization. We have already received permission from the non profit to hold a bake sale, and we have a letter confirming its non profit status. We would like to hold the bake sale outside of a Walmart or other grocery/retail store. Is... show more

So my sister and me can dance hip hop really well. we have danced it since we were practically babies, but that is the only dancing genre that we know. we don’t know how to dance ballet nor jazz. Are they any disney auditions were they only require you to do hip hop? i tried to look it up but they all said that you... show more

There is this girl who goes to the same dance class as me. I find her to always point out mistakes in my dancing and humiliated me in front of the entire group. The other day she asked me what size dress I had ordered for a show and I told her small and then she told me she was ordering extra small. On another... show more

Why is Yahoo so left wing???

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I've been contemplating buying a pole for over two years now, and a couple days ago I just impulsively ordered one. I used my own money. The problem is, I'm 17 and I live with my parents at home. They're not that strict but I have a feeling that I'm going to be in very very big trouble when they... show more

Best answer: You need to consult a physical therapist who works with dancers or at least sports. It is important to get the muscles and tendons moving again without reinjuring them. You don’t want them to shorten as they heal. Get your doctor to give you a script to work with a PT once the boot comes off. Ask your ballet... show more

Best answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lx6J5828Zw