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Why do bald men wear hats?

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Are these jeans too long?

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Best answer: No, they're not. That's called a "full break." When the hem of the pant leg just reaches the shoe without any crumple, that's no break. That has at times been a style, but it's generally considered too short, what people call "high water." When the hem of the pant leg is... show more

Are you considered tall or short?

83 answers · 5 days ago
I'm 5'5"... are you taller than me?

Is it strange to wear all green?

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today i brought a green suit, it's a hoodie and leggings and its a dark green colour and i feel like im getting strange looks?

Best answer: If people didn't buy them, those clothing companies wouldn't make ludicrously expensive clothes. Some people have more money than sense. If I was wealthy I wouldn't buy a Rolex. What does it do for me other than to tell the time? It does that no better than my £100 Citizen watch.

Which top should I wear today?

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My dress is like a turquoise, but more on the green side. It’s poofy and long at the bottom and has crystals all over the bodice.

Best answer: Because it's a place where it's considered "acceptable." Those thots would be wearing thongs to the grocery store if they could. It's really trashy. No one needs to see your butt.

A couple months ago I gave my friend a pair of Mom jeans that cost around $80 because they got too small. I recently lost some weight and I’m back at a size 2( the size of jeans). Is it rude to ask for them back? Also I saw another one of mutual friends wearing the jeans and she said she was borrowing them and... show more

Clinique or Maybelline for makeup?

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