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Why is my boss treating me in such a way?

5 answers · New York City · 3 days ago
So I started a new job 3 months ago, and now looking for another, but confused why my boss treats me this way? I work my butt off every day, but he micro manages everything I do. Put of 200 things right, he will focus on the one wrong thing. The moment I have a breather after working for 3 hours, hes asking what... show more

What did u do for work experience?

12 answers · Las Vegas · 7 days ago
I’m in year 10 now and we have to do work experience this year. I’m wanting to do something fun and that I’ll enjoy, but unfortunately, something like working in a cafe won’t be even a good idea as I have very bad social anxiety and won’t be able to cope with having to talk to multiple different people. thankyou.

Best answer: Minimum wage laws are loved by socialists because they feel something is being done. But, as you are discovering, they can be terribly unfair. Just because you and housekeeping are paid the same wage, does not mean you will get more money. But far more unfair is the fact that you can now get a minimum wage job... show more

Best answer: A matchbox car at Walmart!

Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle ?

99 answers · Wellington · 2 weeks ago

Are scientists gods?

14 answers · Rosario · 2 weeks ago
They've improved our lives so much so that we now can live much longer than we used to. We can travel around the world in under a day. We have an endless store of information quite literally at our fingertips. We can talk to someone across the world in real time. We know more than we ever have. Besides, most... show more

While reading the Wikipedia entries of some of my favorite scientists, I’ve noticed some of them (Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Werner Heisenberg, Linus Pauling, and many more that I don’t feel like listing here) have children. Do you think that they were created from strange experiments or just sex?

environmentalists want to preserve different species of deers that are native to different environments (sure you can say all the variations of deers are roughly the same but people still want to preserve the uniqueness of each species) so why is it wrong to want to preserve different ethnicities of humans that are... show more

Idea: Aliens have no king and queen?

4 answers · San Cristóbal de las Casas · 1 week ago
and if gods don't exists, then they don't either?

Are you proud of Britain's history in Ireland?

12 answers · Dublin · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: No I am somewhat dismayed about Britain's history in Ireland

Working at a company called Adecco?

6 answers · London · 2 weeks ago
Hello i just have a quick question i am considering to start working at a company called Adecco as a customer care but i do not know much about this company. I did work in ATT as a technical support for a couple of months but i left. Does anyone have any experience working at this company?

Can I(as a tourist) buy a land in derbyshire?

8 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: You could try using a gun. Just make sure you're looking into the barrel before you gently squeeze the trigger.

Have roughly 1000 church candles from my work and need to sell them as a bulk lot to clear space for new stock does anyone know good website in the UK that I ll be out of place this on

Should Prince Harry not be phoning the BBC ?

13 answers · Bhopal · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: He was honouring his Great-Great Uncle Edward I think. He was a Nazi and may have aided Germany in the War

Are you going to work tomorrow morning?

9 answers · Houston · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Somehow