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Boyfriend sent me rules for our relationship?

84 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 days ago
My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and recently we're in a rough patch. We don't want to break up, so I made the suggest of talking about this face to face and figuring out some things. So we meet up and right away he starts telling me like he feels the relationship is all on his shoulders and I... show more

Why does my girlfriend seem so uninterested during sex?

48 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 days ago
We used to be friends with benefits before we ever dated and our sex was amazing I’m rly rough and aggressive during sex and she loved it , she is into being submissive and we would have amazing sex and I am really good at going down on girls and I make her *** all the time from going down on her! The first 3/4... show more

Best answer: 2-3 days max especially if he's busy (full time job, kid etc).

How do I know that the girl I'm with is really a girl?

26 answers · Singles & Dating · 1 day ago
With all the trannies that are out there now, how do I know the girl I'm talking to and am interested in is really a girl? I don't want to go to her place only to find out she's really a dude.

Which race respects women the most?

Is it ok to let a 12 year old go to her boyfriends house?

62 answers · Singles & Dating · 3 days ago
Best answer: If his parents are there and you know they'll keep an eye on them, sure. But if they're the type to let them hang out alone in his room, I would say no. Or you could talk to the parents first just to find out and get reassurance since you'll need to talk to them at one point anyway, if you haven't... show more

Why does he complain about my cooking?

26 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 1 day ago
Yesterday was my day to cook so I found a recipe that called for chicken breasts in a crock pot. I poured a can of cream of chicken coup over it and cooked it for like 5 hours. Opened a can of creamed corn and made some white rice. My husband sat down to eat and he took a few bits then had this strange look on... show more

I'm currently saving for an iPad for my daughter, and if I save expenses like getting him cheaper items from menus and such I can then put that money towards the iPad. And since she's my actual daughter, I don't see anything unreasonable with prioritizing her first. How can I make him understand this?... show more

Should I have an affair? Go through his phone?

45 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 3 days ago
Recently married to a man 3 years younger than I am. He is not giving me enough affection already. I have talked about it until I am blue in the face. Should I have an affair? Talk again? Go through his phone? Or cry?

I’m 20 and I want to have a relationship?

59 answers · Singles & Dating · 3 days ago
I never had a boyfriend,I had dates but nothing works out (dates with guys I met online)😭 ,Am I the problem? Is because Im fat? I’m 5’1 ,162l

I love this guy but he said sex first?

20 answers · Singles & Dating · 19 hours ago
he said he need to see if we are sexually compatible first before we start dating. i really love him and i let him do it without condom since he wants to feel it from actual genital contact. now he is dating with me and another gal, he said he would dump me if that gal is more sexually compatible with him. i am... show more

How to find a friend?

7 answers · Friends · 13 hours ago
How do I make friends. I have anxiety and I’m 18. I can’t just ask someone to be my friend.... so how do I make a friend.

I failed as a parent , How do i fix it ... 10pts?

37 answers · Family · 4 days ago
I feel so terrible .. I give my daughter whatever she wants cause I had 5 siblings and never wanted her to feel the struggle . So I gave her everything she want's .She is now 16 and her birthday was last week and me and her father brought her a car , A new phone & a big party . She wasn't thankful AT... show more

Easy ways to attract rich White guys?

21 answers · Family · 2 days ago
Don't say "look pretty", that's already obvious

I have never had an orgasm for four months because he just refuses to let me do anything to help me finish and doesn’t want to give me head he used to and then he just refused to and he always expects me to give him head

How can you move out without money?

27 answers · Family · 3 days ago
I'm 22, when I left school I didn't qualify for any grants as I have 2 working parents, they refused to pay for my college so I considered a loan, it was approved but they needed collateral, my parents refused to put anything up as a guarantee, so I worked. During that time I paid for driving lessons, a... show more

Why am I so stupid?

18 answers · Family · 2 days ago
Best answer: We don't know why, because we don't know you.

Best answer: your a late bloomer nothings going to change

less cute, slightly older, but owns a bar, has a hgh IQ, and could move to a beach town and retire right now if he wanted to, or open a bar there. Which should I choose as my soul mate? the cuter, younger, dumber and poorer one, or the older, smarter, and more succeful one, and why?

We have been together for close to a year and about 2 months ago I made a terrible decision. We were a really good couple he was really sweet , funny and very handsome. Way too good for me. I’m an overweight 19 year old with a bad attitude. He’s also 19 but he’s kind of got his **** together minus I think he may... show more