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Me and my boyfriend have recently moved in together , i have a 120 pound Rottweiler, that he loved until we started to live together. He yells at him for no reason, calls him a dumb *** , an asshole, always yanks his leash super hard and complains when he has to be taken out to uses the bathroom (he only takes him... show more

Best answer: Depends in part on how much time you have to spend with the pet. Dogs need to be walked which is a commitment in time. Is there a mountain of snow, would you want to walk a dog in harsh weather? Cats tend to be strictly indoor animals and in general need less attention. But cleaning a litter box can be an... show more

What do you think of my eyebrows?

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Are there any cons to spaying a cat?

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How old is she?

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How do I help my dog gain weight?

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Best answer: You do need to check your dog doesn't have internal parasites - there's no point feeding worms!! If this is a youngster, it may just be a matter of time waiting for her to 'body up' although bitches tend to get there sooner than males, in most breeds. If you can feel the ribs, but not see them,... show more

Do all puppies have worms?

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Is ISIS sending its army to England now?

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Best answer: England was such a nice gentle country when all we had to worry about was the IRA blowing up London pubs. Then that ended and everything was peaceful. It was a better time. Now all the ISIS members and other muslims are flooding in from the Middle east like rats off a sinking ship, while politicians somehow fail... show more

Who would buy a Honda car?

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Am I annoying my snake?

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Hi I have a male boa constrictor he is almost 6 months old very young but cute. I like to kiss him and he doesn’t seem to like it But also doesn’t hate it. I also tickle him but he does seem to hate that and goes fast. I know snakes stress out easily but hes never hissed and has been a model wonderful active snake... show more

It seems as though they are conditioned eyed cyclops In all the long time they have been on here not one word of encouragement goes to the Country that feeds and houses them. Why do we import those people into our country

Best answer: you told her you guys were allergic to cats so this is her problem

Can dogs get high?

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Best answer: Do not give your dog anything that will hurt them. Giving your dog drugs could hurt them and will cause them to be very slow and scared.

What crop do you recommend for a Dobermann?

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I have a young black and rust Dobermab Pincher that I just got from a Washington breeder. I have been trying to figure out what type of crop I should use for it, I am going to show it. I really like the medium crop, but any suggestions?

Hair loss in cats?

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my cat has a small sore on the back of her neck and all the hair is gone and the skin looks red, it seems to be getting bigger so I dont know what to do

When is a cat legally yours?

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My ex boyfriend got me a cat for one of my Birthdays back in 2017. We broke up the start of this year and he won’t let me take her saying she isn’t legally mine. Is this true? Even though I’ve paid for all her food and liter and everything she ever has needed and he never took care of her.

Since dogs don't like to be left alone for 8 hours a day