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Should politicians be executed for lying?

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How has Trump ruined your life?

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What do you think Trump smells like these days?

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He mentioned her, the women he beat years ago and is no longer his opponent, (In case he forgot himself), nearly half a dozen times at the Florida rally before even mentioning any of the Democratic candidates he'll be opposing all while the crowed chanted "lock her up". Why?

Poll: do you take shower or bath? Why?

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Technically whites invented the “n” word, so if black people use it it’s cultural appropriation. As long as we say it as n I g g a and the context is good, no problem. We don’t mean as in slaves; n I g g a is different than n I g g e r. Get it?

This wasn't some toy....

....How has Trump negatively impacted YOU personally?

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Best answer: He has urinated on the Constitution I was brought up to believe in.

Best answer: I doubt that Cadet Bone Spurs even know what a drone is. What we hear the liar Trump says is that he intends to make things worse before they get worse. Lying Trump says he loves chaos and is going to drain the US dry. Trump is not a patriot --he is an illegitimate president and Putin's puppet. Putin warned... show more

Best answer: Yet, Trump lost 1 BILLION dollars in 1 decade (1985-1994). That certainly does not sound like "winning" to me.