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Describe Hillary Clinton in 3 words?

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Describe Hillary Clinton in one word?

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Hillary would've been a great president (unlike Trump). She is respected by other past presidents like George W. Bush and Barack Obama (unlike Trump). She was invited to John McCain's funeral (unlike Trump). Here's what Hillary Clinton said about John McCain after he died in this YouTube video:... show more

Best answer: I think she should run when she turns 35. She might be too smart and sane to consider it though. If she is thinking about it she has lots of time to think up, and critique, a platform.

If not, why not? Aren't women worthy of being believed, regardless of the circumstances, just like Dr. Ford?

Describe Trump with one word?

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Why do Democrats hate a booming economy?

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They keep saying his tarrifs are going to lead to another recession. LOL! They find anything to slate Trump. It's annoying. Are we going to have to hear this for the next six years?

Describe Kavanaugh with one word?

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Were you embarrassed by Obama while he was President?

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Best answer: People who say they own the world are clearly stupid with no proof. The 4 largest banks in the world are own by the Communist Party and these guys will crap on any Rothschild if they ever tries to control them. I would say you are correct, besides JPmorgan and other American/Isreal banks at best i just dont see... show more

Would this be considered sexual assault today?

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Can't we find more important sh!t to talk about?

Best answer: Definitely Joe Biden. He'd make a great wingman.