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Best answer: They probably assumed you were joking. The song was titled Tiny Dancer, not Tony Danza. Some people around here don't have much of a sense of humor. Also, you were being trolled in the answers by people who were referring to other misnamed songs and misheard lyrics.

My dad is an atheist. What do I do?

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Do Christians believe that all non Christians will go to Hell?

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No exceptions? Not even for being a good person, family ties to their religion, mental issues, etc.? So,will a mean waste of a life person go to Heaven if he finds Jesus at the last minute?

Why is this so difficult when you god is so powerful?

What is a world without atheism like?

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Best answer: As you can see, Christians think a world where we are dead would be heaven. That tells you all you need to know about their level of hatred.

What s the difference between saying God and Allah?

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Who will be the next to go?

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Atheists, is Nightwolf & Logan same people?

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Best answer: Of course not, me and Logan aren’t even the same race.... lying pigs (Jeff) have to tell themselves that because they can’t fanthom that more than one person calls them out on their crap and knows him for what he truly is Well guess what pig, am I rd68, NCWJ, etc too? They seem to call you out on your crap well... show more

What makes athiests disbelieve in God?

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Best answer: 1. A broken heart, they blame God and Jesus Christ for human faults or plans to make a lovers' situation go awry think "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Hitch". You know they believed in God before then. 2. A death of loved ones or grand parents or parents or simply giving up on hope. 3. Giving... show more

Do Trinitarians call Jesus a liar when he said his Father is the only God?

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Best answer: THE REASON GOD’S NAME IS MISSING FROM MANY BIBLES “…the distinctive Hebrew name for God– usually transliterated Jehovah,is in this translation represented by “LORD.”– Today’s English Version (preface) There are many different reasons why God’s namewas removed from the Bible. I will attempt tobriefly discuss... show more

Best answer: Well, you did have a few exhibit their total lack of evidence.

Atheists say that physical evidence is what proves something true, but if atheism is true, where is the evidence? Can something exist without there being material?

Why don’t Atheists just convert?

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Before y’all try to cuss me out ,you mfs have nothing to lose

My point? You have more FAITH than the religious...

Do you really believe that God made the world in 6 days?

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God doesn't care about anyone. Prove me wrong?

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