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Mysterious last names for characters?

9 answers · Books & Authors · 3 days ago
I’m writing a book that takes place in salem and is about witches and warlocks and I want my characters to have unusual mysterious and dark sounding last names that to separate them apart from my non witch/warlock characters like I have a witch character who’s name is Scarlett Blackwood and is called Star for... show more

My husband doesn’t want a baby shower?

18 answers · BMW · 5 days ago
Best answer: Tell him that a baby shower is for the baby, not his selfish self. The baby will need things. Most showers are given by family and/or friends. Congratulations.

Best answer: tell them sex is a sin


7 answers · Chevrolet · 2 days ago
So, it's a Chevy Cruze. There was too much stuff on the dash board to determine wether I was in drive or not, and there was not lights indicating I was in drive near the gears, like my car, or any other car that I've been in... so I drove the interstate doin about 70 thinking I was in drive, assuming there... show more

When should I trade in my 2012 Honda Accord?

11 answers · Honda · 5 days ago
I own a 2012 Honda Accord which I bought new seven years ago. It is still in excellent condition and has not had to go to the mechanic except for routine maintenance. It has 75,500 miles on it. Should I trade it in now?


11 answers · Volkswagen · 5 days ago

Does econ mode really worth keeping on?

6 answers · Honda · 3 days ago
2012 honda civc Live in a highly place

Is Dwyane Wade the GOAT?

28 answers · Tata · 1 week ago
Best answer: Yes don’t listen to idiots who don’t know basketball.

What the hell is tata?

8 answers · Yahoo Answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: It is a town somewhere, as I understand it. The joke is that they are saying goodbye to your question.

Best answer: It is part of North American from a continent standpoint. But Central America, which Costa Rica is a part of, is also considered its own region

2012 VW PASSAT SE, which fuel should I be using ?

7 answers · Volkswagen · 6 days ago

What’s the universal PSI in car tires?

21 answers · Toyota · 1 week ago
Best answer: The plate inside your door not only tells you the correct pressure for your tires, it also tells you the exact size of the tires for your car. Look at the side of your tires to see if the size indicated there matches the size on the door plate.