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What kind of car is this?

8 answers · Other - Car Makes · 2 days ago

Best answer: No more than 45 miles and no faster than 45MPH is what the manufacturers state.

Why does my 1995 Ford Ranger not start?

6 answers · Ford · 2 days ago
We have a 1995 Ford Ranger that will not start. A brand new starter was put in. The charge on the battery is good. A new ignition starter was put in. New battery cables. However, when the ignition is turned on there is on a one click noise. Any ideas?

Best answer: Yes,it was safer than near enough every other car on the market...thus presenting the protagonists as safe,calculated individuals.

Why would a model T ford be street legal?

9 answers · Ford · 4 days ago
My sister, my niece and I were walking down the street going to the store, and we came across somebody driving a Model T ford. My niece asked where the first owner of it might be... I said its a very simple answer, the original owner is on the other side of the dirt. lol So here's my question.. The Model T... show more

2018 Tundra or 2018 Tacoma?

4 answers · Toyota · 1 day ago
Which one should i get and what are your opinions for both trucks?

Is a 1966 ford gt40 street legal?

5 answers · Ford · 2 days ago

I love Ford cars. Do you?

8 answers · Ford · 4 days ago

Which is the best car, Chevrolet or Dodge?

8 answers · Dodge · 5 days ago

I thought I hit something cause it made a loud noise like if I ran something over like plastic checked and nothing then went to the store took a right turn thought I hit the sidewalk and nothing but same noise and then went to get some food in the drive through and took a small left cause the drive through is a... show more

Gas grade for Honda?

15 answers · Honda · 1 week ago
I have a 2013 Honda Accord, and i’m not sure which gas to use with it. My dad says i have to use Plus, because its better for the engine. I used Regular for a bit, and he says to not use Regular anymore; otherwise it can damage the engine or systems. Can i still use Regular, or should i start using Plus gas??

How to by pass heat or core 2005 Chevy tahoe?

4 answers · Chevrolet · 2 days ago

Is this a good deal for a pre owned car?

8 answers · Honda · 6 days ago
It’s a 2014 Honda Accord LX , with 88k mileage, leather seats, it’s white the people only want 2000 down & the payments will be about 350 a month & he said I can have liability or full coverage whatever I feel like getting? and also do you think if I ask to put like 1500-1800 down would it make a difference?

Fuel consumption corolla vs rav4 gxl?

5 answers · Toyota · 4 days ago
salesperson said the new toyota rav4 gxl 2 litre cvt all wheel drive has better petrol consumption than our old 2003 toyota corolla ascent hatchback is this true?