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Best answer: I think that consumer reports are good for things like washers & dryers, and other things where everyone pretty much has the same needs and expectations, and will use the product in pretty much the same way. Camera DO NOT fit this description and is why I absolutely HATE Consumer Reports recommendations for... show more

Video help? recording in 4k?

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Best answer: Your phone's screen is so small that all the details that made you look "rough" on the relatively large monitor in your laptop. This is why so many people think that the $8 camera module in their $1,000 smartphone takes such good photos. If they were to ever see those "great" shots printed... show more

Help why are cameras pictures?

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I tried connecting it to my computer via USB and while it recognised it and began charging it, I can't access the pictures as it doesn't show as a drive. I suspected that I may have to download a driver or require a CD to install but cannot find a driver for Windows 10 and no longer have the CD. Any advice... show more

Best answer: How tall is the subject and what camera are you using? The angle of view is 15.2 deg so on a full frame camera someone 6ft tall would need to be 22.5 ft away. 5ft tall and it’s 18.75ft. distance = (height/2)/tan(15.2/2) For a crop sensor you can multiply the distance by the crop factor (1.3 or 1.6 or whatever)... show more

Best answer: Good used Nikon 35mm SLR models still have a market, but the cheaper consumer grade models such as the EM are almost worthless. If you have a Nikon compact camera then it’s pretty well worthless unless it’s one of their few collectible models. Any quick online search for your camera model will show you whether... show more

I’ve been looking to upgrade from my current camera the camera rebel t6i, as much as I love the camera I’m just ready for an upgrade to something else. I just enjoy shooting photos for fun, I was looking into the t7i, what do you think?

Best answer: Indoor sports like basketball and hockey require a fast shutter speed to prevent the subjects from being blurred due to their movement. Problem is that you're inside shooting in a somewhat dim lighting situation. Therefore, you must have a lens that has an aperture of at least f/2.8 or better. Most of the... show more