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I am shooting my first wedding with a friend, it s just a small casual wedding, what lenses do y all reccomend me to have, and please if you can, tell what that lens would be good for! Please and thanks!

When I look at myself on my camera it looks way different than in the mirror. My face looks a lot more flawed on the camera which seems weird since the camera is digital and the mirror is in real life. Which one is more accurate?

I captured some photo on my DSLR, CANNON. Then i brought out the SD card of the camera and installed it on my android phone. But i can not see the photo though i can see the logo of the photo. Then i install the SD card on my Computer. But I cannot see the photo again.. Please help me to solve the problem .

Motorized Zoom Camera?

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Is my camera broken?

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I have a 1987 Pentax Zoom-70 camera. I just bought a new battery to replace the dead one that was in it when I bought it. When I put it in the lense made the zooming noise and it also does it when I use the zoom feature but the lense doesn’t move in and out like it should. Also the battery mark on the LCD window is... show more

Best Security Camera?

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Best answer: Found a DSLR camera and lens (separate but from same vendor):

My current dashcam records in 1920x1080 in H.265 compression but has a smaller camera sensor. I noticed that recorded videos don't look very sharp and that they appear grainy. I'm intending on buying another dashcam that also records in 1920x1080 in H.265 compression but with a bigger camera sensor. My... show more

Best answer: Two tenths of a volt is incredibly small, and won't damage your camera. In order to damage your camera you'd need to use a battery that had an output of a few volts more like 9v, for example, not just a few tenths of a volt as in the case of the battery that you're considering.

Best answer: You would need a product turntable and your camera on a tripod. You can find both at B&H or Adorama. Here's a link showing all of the product turntables that are available through B&H:

Best answer: If you're looking at a selfie, you will have pronounced perspective distortion which makes your face look weird. Solution is to have the camera at least 5 feet from you (have someone else take the picture). Your eyes/brain is able to make sense of poor lighting. The camera only records what it sees and if the... show more

SD Photo Card Recovery Help?

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I have an SD Camera card which I placed in the computer to remove the photos as it was full. I took the photos off one by one an would come back to delete them. I was not finished taking them off when something tragic happened and they all disappeared. I tried online photo recovers which has worked before but did... show more

What sort of camera lens is this?

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Best answer: It's interesting to note that aperture size ends at f/64. Most likely, this is large format. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason why there's no glass at this end is that because it goes directly into the front standard part of the camera if not after the shutter mechanism. Its a lens if there is glass... show more