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Best answer: No, the top Vinyl layer is decorative, you can only record on the 1 side of a CD-R.

So I’m trying to use my earbuds and the sound is only coming out of one side. This happens on every set of earbuds I have tried. it affects anything that plugs into the jack. I know it’s not a problem with the settings because Bluetooth audio works fine. How do I fix this? The problem is on an iphone 6s and an iPad Pro

I’m not talking about buying individual songs here. Just the album as a whole

Aiwa PX-860 won t connect to amp?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
for a while my set up worked fine, but over time the audio got worse and eventually cut off. it s not the speaker because i checked it with using the radio and it worked fine. it s not the needle either. no matter where i connect my turntable to the control centre it will not connect to my speaker, only play from... show more

It just annoys the **** out of me!!

How do you download music to a cd?

4 answers · 1 month ago

And no, I don t mean earplugs. I mean earbuds that are for music and such. I get sensory overloads really easily so at night to avoid having to listen to the noises of cars or people talking (on occasion) I usually listen to soft rain sound effects or ambient nature sounds. Getting a noise maker isn t really an... show more

Wanna know if it is legal to burn MP3 tracks to a CD for my own personal use?

I've currently got a cheap THX speaker set with a subwoofer and it (in my opinion) sounds better than the single speakers I've seen at the tech stores (Sony Bass for example). I just want a single standing unit as I'm fixing my room up and it will look too cluttered having a big subwoofer on the ground... show more

Best answer: That's normal, it shows the amp is working. The noise should stop when you connect a signal source to the cable, rather than it having an "open input". If you mean it's squealing or hissing _very_ loudly rather than just faint hum or hiss, that can be a problem with the power supply - not enough... show more

Can you get iTunes on an iPhone?

8 answers · 2 months ago
I want to listen to downloaded music rather than streaming

Best answer: They shouldn't. If they get full of wax, that could change their characteristics.

Found a turntable at some market for cheap, I don t know if it works. I m an absolute noob in this, but I connected it and it all spins a vinyl but only a very loud buzz is coming from the speakers. What do I need to add? A transformator? What is it called? How do I connect it?

Are MP3 players going to disappear ?

10 answers · 2 months ago
Since every smartphone plays MP3s ?

I need a way to power 4 2000w subwoofers for use in a home theater and I decided to use car amplifiers since I would be able to create my own power source of sorts by using a 12v battery. What's the best way of going about doing this? I only need the car amplifier to run at full tilt for less than 20 minutes... show more