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So my boyfriend jokingly put my phone in the microwave and started it but instantly turned it off. Well later I noticed when I turn on the Wi-Fi, it stays on "searching for networks" and will not connect to anything. I just wanted to see if anyone had a simular situation so I can confirm that it was in... show more

How long will a iPhone 8+ last?

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How do I change my cell number?

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I am so clueless when it comes to phones, honestly. I don't know how they work these days. I bought a Galaxy S9 a few months ago and only put $30 on it. Somehow, I'm still able to make calls.... Anyway, if I reply to messages/texts in the 'messages' box, does that cost me anything? Or is it more... show more

IPhone home button not working?

4 answers · 11 hours ago
I have an iPhone 6s Plus and just out of the blue the home button stopped working. The strangest part is that the Touch ID still works but when I click the button nothing happens I’ve tried taking it apart and cleaning the ports and restarting it but it still won’t work. Is there any way I can fix it

Are all sim cards the same size ?

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Best answer: Reset the phone by holding down the home button and power button simultaneously. If you have a PC, trying doing a restore from iTunes.

Best cell phone to buy?

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IOS 12 update?

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Is the iOS 12 for iPhone 7+ I don’t wanting it to break my phone since when I updated the iOS 11 on my iPhone 6 it basically broke my phone so I’m just wondering if it will happen with my iPhone 7

Best answer: The biggest names are Apple and Samsung, many other are china companies which I would never use.

Best answer: You might be signed out of your iCloud.

Best answer: they will require you to fill out a police report

Which do you think is better?

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Best answer: Definitely what you prefer. Pixel 3 better: camera, look (IMO), price, OS (IMO), more features iPhone better: more refined and streamlined OS, almost textbook perfect screen (note 9 is slightly better especially when it comes to movies.), better integration, iMessage. Most people prefer this phone.