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All I had to do was wipe off the back of the case and the front part of the phone, as no water got inside the case itself - should it be okay? For the most part, I ve had the phone completely turned off for a few hours.


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IPhone or Android?

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Best answer: iPhone for sure. Too many issues with Android phones, such as not getting updates until weeks or months later, while with iPhone you get updates almost immediately. Apple develops both the phone and the operating system. With Android phones, the phone comes from one company and the operating system (Android) comes... show more

I dropped my phone into water?

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I immediately got it out and dried it on its surface it was still working. Then it stopped working at a point. After 4 hours, only then i was able to, i put it in rice. What are the chances that this phone survives? We talk about an iphone 4 s. Thank you in advance!

What’s it like owning more than one phone?? Is it worth the money??!

I found my old iPhone the other day but because I reported it as lost I can’t unlock it. I called Apple to ask if they can unlock it if I provide them proof of purchase but they said there’s nothing they can do. There’s stuff on that phone that I need! Please help

I have an iPhone 8 Plus. I have had anxiety for awhile now that there is water under my phone case and that if I don’t take it off and check it that my phone could get ruined from water. However, if I take my phone case off, I then get the anxiety that the oils and/or sweat from my hands will get on my phone and... show more

Best answer: From what i seen online they get 8 euros an hour which is $9.10 an hour

Best answer: Didn't buy the original Razr, when everyone was buying them and jumping from carrier to carrier to get them. So don't expect to buy the newer version when it comes out, no matter what features it has.

Writing a story and I have a couple questions - tried searching the internet for a bit but couldn't quite find the answers to my exact questions. So say a character has turned off their smartphone and taken the battery out so it won't be tracked. If they were to purposely damage the GPS chip inside the... show more

Now that S9 has been out almost a year and S10 launching this year and I am using S8 which I think is still great phone I think it better than today's budget phones I even have a old S7 that I still use as a spare .